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Mork and Mindy's Wedding
"Mork & Mindy" episode
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Network: ABC-TV
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Original airdate October 15, 1981
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The Honeymoon (Part 3)
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The Wedding is a Mork and Mindy episode from Season 4.


Mindy's father forbids their marriage at first but eventually gives his blessing. Mork confronts Orson yet again. Orson threatens to shoot him via a firing squad but chooses instead to re-arrange his DNA to a more obident form of life (a dog). Mork chickens out and yields to Orson's wishes.

Mork doesn't tell Mindy that he chickened out but he goes ahead with the wedding anyway. Orson realizes this and changes Mork's DNA structure accordingly. Mindy connects to Mork's mind and calls Orson. Mindy has to go it alone due to Mork being fully transformed into a dog. Meanwhile at the wedding Fred, Cora and Fred's wife are worried that Mork & Mindy haven't shown up. Exidor, the Best Man, arrives to the wedding in a straight-jacket.

Despite being changed into a dog Mindy still stands up to Orson and goes on with the wedding.

Mork arrives at the wedding fully transformed back into an Orkan. Mork and Mindy say their own vows to each other. The preacher pronunces them man and wife. Mindy wants to go to Acapulco, but Mork decides to spend the honeymoon on his home planet, Ork.


Mork & Mindy & Best Of The West 1981 ABC Promo

Mork & Mindy & Best Of The West 1981 ABC Promo


It is not explained why Orson turned Mork back to normal.

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Written by Alan Eisenstock & Larry Mintz
Directed by Bob Claver

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