The Mork Book of Orkian Fun is one of five activity books by comic book artist Tony Tallarico which includes puzzles, games, cutouts, coloring pages and black-and-white pin-ups.

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Tallarico took liberties beginning with the title "Orkian," which deviates from the more common spelling "Orkan." He also created a variety of creatures, monsters and people native to Ork, including two-headed Professor Brockhort, a hybrid of a bull and a cyclops called the Ooraxnaz, a Centurian Singer, a Venusian Mechanic, Mork's first girlfriend, Flork, and many others. It had not yet been established that Orkans age backwards, so Mork's elders appear old and his peers youthful.

Illustrations of Mork are sparse and there are no illustrations of Mindy included in this edition. Black-and-white photographs of Robin Williams and Pam Dawber appear on cut-out bookmarks, jigsaw puzzles, pin-ups and elsewhere throughout the book. .

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