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Original airdate May 14, 1981
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Reflections and Regrets is a Mork and Mindy Season 3 finale.


The gang throws Mr. Bickley a 50th Birthday Party and each one tells of their own regrets in life:

  • Nelson tells of a woman he met at a bus stop who he really wanted to meet and get to know but hesitated and the woman got on the bus and left.
  • Glenda Faye regrets that she lost her husband and she has never danced again since then.
  • Remo's regret is that women only want him for his body. He wants a real relationship not based on pure physical looks alone.
  • Fred regrets that he shot and killed a man in the war.

Mindy is hesitant to tell everyone her regret until everyone leaves so she can tell Mork privately. The party dies down and everyone leaves.

Mindy tells Mork privately that her only regret is that her mother died before she could meet him and get to know him. Mork then has a conversation with her mother (even though she is unseen) and tells him that he loves her and that he is from another planet.

The door closes by itself indicating that she was truly there and not one of Mork's jokes or using his powers.

Mork and Mindy finally express their true feelings for each other.


  • Glenda Faye and Mork dance to an instrumental version of "The Continental" by Frank Sinatra.
  • A rare episode featuring all of the principal season 2 and 3 supporting cast, it boasts the final appearances of Remo, Jeanie, Nelson, Lola and Stephanie. Glenda Faye was also dropped from the cast the following season, but she made one last appearance in Long Before We Met. This was also the final episode helmed by resident director Howard Storm.
  • Exidor says he only has 41 years to live. In reality, actor Robert Donner died 25 years later.
  • No report is given to Orson this episode.

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Written by Tom Tenowich & Ed Scharlach
Directed by Howard Storm


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