Planet Ork

Frizbat, Capital of Ork

Ork is the planet, which Mork and the Orkans are native.

Note**Much like about Orkans and Orkan Customs, it is wise to take what Mork says about Ork with a grain of salt unless it's confirmed independently, as he is not always serious and what he says is often contradicted at a later date.

(For details on Orkan Biology, Reproduction, Customs, Language, History, Technology, etc. see Orkans)

Astronomical/Planetary Details[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

Ork is located in the Photosphere of the Galaxy Melo Cartorious near the Blackhole Leon (Pilot / Mork and the Immigrant). However Ork is unusual in that it appears Orkans have developed the ability to physically move the planet during times of danger.

Classification[edit | edit source]

Ork is what would be described from an Earth perspective (or a Star Trek one) as an 'M' class planet, in that it can sustain fully human life as evinced by Mindy McConnell's visits and stay there. It's upper atmosphere is a mass of unnamed swirling yellow and brown gases, which would explain the relatively diffused golden light on the planet surface itself.

Given Mork says it can be hidden behind a comet, it does not appear to be a particularly large astrological body, however.

Solar System & Satellites[edit | edit source]

It has 2 suns, and 3 confirmed moons the latter seen both in portraits (There's a New Mork in Town) and in person (The Honeymoon). Given Mork's initial claim that there were 18, it may be the case that they are the only 3 visible from the planet's surface...or it could just be Mork joking again.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the topological make up of the planet, whether there is one giant land mass or continents. There are however oceans/seas and bodies of water and by default beaches (I Don't Remember Mama), and rain can be torrential (The Mork Report).

Much like Earth, Ork appears to have several different climatological areas. From what little is seen of the planet's surface, the run in to Frizbat is over sandy orange dunes with a few cities dotting the landscape. There are also areas of natural fertility with meadows and plant life (Mork Learns to See)

There used to be more buildings on Ork, but they were torn down to make more swamps after researchers found out that their planet's earthquakes were being caused by an allergic reaction to condominiums (Putting the Ork Back in Mork, Part 2), as such it is unknown how many swamps on Ork are actually natural, but they are apparently quite dangerous.

Cities & Government[edit | edit source]

Frizbat is the Capital City, and at the center of the planet, and is where Mork takes Mndy for their Honeymoon. Mearth also commutes to attend school there.. The only other major city named is New Ork (Mork Goes Public, Alienation)

The cities themselves are very futuristic in design, with white buildings that are rather irregular in shape by most Earth standards. Buildings are made of what appear to be standard materials, but Brown (as might be expected of a relatively emotionless society) appears to be the almost uniform color of choice for the interior of public areas, such as schools or the foyer of buildings.

There may also be subterranean buildings, given Mork's comments about going underground to visit his old neighborhood. (The Honeymoon)

The transport system consists of mono-rails and egg shaped vehicles, including the taxis.

Executive Power appears to be held by higher order animals. However as none are ever seen and there is a Council of Elders, who appear to be made up of Orkans like The Ancient One, who seem to control what occurs, the actual governmental system of Ork is somewhat fuzzy in how these two species interact.

As a superior planet, it is also the subject of visits from many other interplanetary species, as seen in the hotels (The Honeymoon), and Orkans attend events on other planets by turn.

Life[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Orkans seem divided into two 'superior' species, the bipedal humanoid (or Orkanoid) variation who look like Mork, Orson, Xerko, The Elder, Miss Geezba, all those who come out of the test tubes (e.g. the children in Mearth's class).(See Orkans for more details)

The second appear to be 'higher order animals'. These are are seen as a higher form of life by the humanoid Orkans, and is felt that they should be in charge of executive affairs (or at least they are told this by the animals in question), These include the most prominent political leader of Ork, Prime Minister Fluffy. And Dinosaurs, which never went extinct on Ork, and who mostly run the Orkan shopping districts.

Various lower order animals, Birds (that don't fly), Naugachomps, Frankels etcs, are referenced as part of the Ecosystem (See Wildlife - further referenced below).

Flora[edit | edit source]

There is now abundant plant life on Ork, though apparently there was a long period where the planet was denuded of it, it's return celebrated via the Foliage Festival, possibly due to it's multiple suns.

Much like Earth, the Flora takes on many forms, but unlike Earth seeds, Orkan seeds for plants like Fleck and Nargle germinate almost instantaneously after planting (Mork and the Family Reunion).The only plant life know to be native to Ork are metallic pine trees and ferns which are considered sacred.

Earth's roses were also introduced to Ork by Mork who sent samples as part of his report over the first three years, and became so popular they have been turned into a protected monument, and picking them is a crime.

Wildlife[edit | edit source]

A number animals are native to Ork, and evidently do not fall into the category of 'higher animals' (ala President Fluffy) and many of these can fall under the category of pets.

Below is a list of the known wildlife known to inhabit Ork:

  • Naugachomp - A small Orkan pet which resembles a mound of fur.
  • Ooraxnaz - A cross between a cyclops and a bull.
  • Habijini - An Orkan dog. Unlike Earth dogs, they have an eye on their tails, a pair of antennas on his heads, six legs with suction-cup feet, and their three-segmented bodies can separate.
  • Penguins - Can live almost anywhere unlike Earth Penguins.
  • Chickens - Chickens are an important symbol on Ork and ancient Orkans resembled chickens.
  • Cats - One of many animals who serve as political leaders.
  • Fax - A green mosquito-like creature.
  • Frazh - A large animal.
  • Frenkle - An Orkan life form distinguished by an unusually large tail.
  • Gazooba - A crawling, hairless form of animal life considered more advanced than humans.
  • Zebras - Used as a symbol for promotion among high-ranking Orkans, hence the term "earning one's stripes".

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