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Nanu nanu (pronounced NAH-noo NAH-noo), also variously spelled Na-nu Na-nu, Na-No Na-No, and Nanoo Nanoo, is the typical Orkan greeting. Its usage may be similar to the Hawaiian word "aloha," which may be used as both a greeting and a farewell, since Mork also uses the phrase in his weekly mental reports to Orson.

When meeting new people, the phrase is paired with a Vulcan-style handshake; when addressing another Orkan, it's combined with a twist of their interchangeable ears.

The official spelling of the phrase is "Na-No, Na-No" as it appeared in the majority of the original merchandising, and this is also how Pam Dawber pronounced it in Mork Goes Public. Veering slightly off-script, Robin Williams changed the pronunciation, which led to the variety of spellings.

Orkan Handshake

The proper procedure for the accompanying Orkan handshake is detailed in The Official Mork & Mindy Scrapbook.

  1. Ensure each person has a hand to shake (preferably each hand should have five fingers).
  2. Extend hand. Separate fingers so that the index and middle fingers are together and the ring are little fingers are together.
  3. Reach hand out (as if to touch); stop when longest fingers are 1/8" apart. Flex hand muscles.
  4. The Female should rotate her hand counter-clockwise until her palm is parallel to the ground. With two females, the older will rotate her hand; with two males, the male with more chest hair will rotate his hand.
  5. Interlock fingers. Hold for at least 4 seconds and no more than 2 days.
  6. Relax hands, lower arms to side. Feel free to move on and na-no, na-no someone else.
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