"My Dad Can't Beat Up Anybody"
Season 4, Episode #6
(#79) in series (95 episodes)
"Mork & Mindy" episode
Guest Star(s): Hugh Gillin
Stanley Kamel
Lee Weaver
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 406 (4x6)
Writer(s) Dale McRaven & Bruce Johnson
Director Frank Buxton
Original airdate November 12, 1981
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My Dad Can't Beat Up Anybody was the sixth episode from Season 4 of Mork and Mindy, the 79th overall episode in the series. Co-written by Dale McRaven and Bruce Johnson, the episode, directed by Frank Buxton, premiered on ABC-TV on November 12, 1981.


Mork pretends to be a superhero for Mearth's sake, as he then slips into his spacesuit, and they go to a seedy bar looking for bad guys.

Plot sumaryEdit

After coming back from a screening of Superman, Mearth is so captivated by the Man of Steel that Mork feels worthless. But all of that changes the next day when Mearth discovers Mork's spacesuit.

With Mearth having enjoyed his first movie, the Christopher Reeve Superman film, daddy Mork loses respect from him because he can't fly. Once the planet Krypton gets mentioned, Mindy has to prevent Mork from telling their son about the planet Ork, unsure of Mearth's reaction to being an alien.

In order to regain his place in the household, and avoid his obsession with General Hospital, Mork endeavors to get a job like Mindy's (Superman of course had two jobs) but learns his only qualification as a night watchman is that he gets along with the Doberman.

While Mindy is away interviewing Colorado's governor, Mearth discovers Mork's red spacesuit hanging in the closet, so the two go off to fight crime as superheroes, encountering a real criminal in a neighborhood bar whose gun wielding antics force an enraged Mork to protect Mearth by summoning hurricane winds.


  • In real life, Robin Williams (Mork) and Christopher Reeve (Superman) met at Julliard in 1973 and remained close for the rest of their lives.


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