"Mork vs. Mindy"
Season 2, Episode #6
(#31) in series (95 episodes)
Mork & Mindy episode 2x5 - Mork vs. Mindy
Mork and Mindy wind up competing to earn a job working for Mindy's politican cousin Nelson Flavor, in "Mork vs. Mindy" in Season 2 (ep.#6).
"Mork & Mindy" episode
Guest Star(s): Jerrold Ziman
Jeff Harlan
Anna Upstrom
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 206 (2x6)
Writer(s) David Misch
Director Howard Storm
Original airdate October 14, 1979
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Mork Vs Mindy was the sixth episode of season 2 of Mork and Mindy, also the 31st overall episode in the series. Written by David Misch, the episode, directed by Howard Storm, originally aired on ABC-TV on October 14, 1979.

Mork Vs Mindy Pam Dawber Robin Williams Jim Staahl

Jim Staahl as Nelson Flavor, Mindy's politician cousin


After Mork and Mindy are hired as campaign workers by Mindy's cousin, Nelson Flavor, who is running for city councilman, they end up competing for the same job.


"Mork vs. Mindy" introduced Jim Staahl's Nelson Flavor, Mindy's smarmy cousin, who has decided to run for city council, hiring Mindy to work in his office. With Mork fired from his latest job, Flavor hires him to be 'Executive Assistant,' earning $20 more per week than irate Mindy, who bristles at a sexist occupation that requires her to do little other than make coffee.

Nelson has no experience in politics, and makes promises to voters before seeing what can be done. Competing against each other in the office puts a strain on the relationship, until Flavor decides he should hire a minority, the Swedish Suzy (Anna Uppstorm). Nelson was never an interesting character, and after the election was rarely seen again though he remained a series regular until the end of the third season, when everyone except Fred and Cora were written out of the fourth season.



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