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"Mork and the Immigrant"
Season 1, Episode #14
(#14) in series (95 episodes)
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Mork meets and befriends Russian immigrant Sergei Krushnev, an "ailen" himself, who's trying to defect in "Mork and the Immigrant" in Season 1 (ep.#13).
"Mork & Mindy" episode
Guest Star(s): Tim Thomerson
Ned Wertimer
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 114 (1-14)
Writer(s) David O'Malley & April Kelly
Director Howard Storm
Original airdate January 11, 1979
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Mork and the Immigrant was the 14th episode of Season 1 of Mork and Mindy, also the 14th episode in the series. Co-written by David O'Malley and April Kelly, the episode, directed by Howard Storm, was shot on November 10, 1978 and premiered on ABC-TV on January 11, 1979.


Mork thinks Russian immigrant Sergei Krushnev is an alien like him, and tries to help welcome him. Trouble ensues when Sergei tells Mork that 'aliens' need to be registered, requiring some quick thinking from Mindy to get him out of it.


In Mindy's Apartment, Mork is washing the dishes in the style of an Tele-Evangelist, introducing the dirty dishes to his 'Temple of Suds', when a furious Mindy storms in muttering, dragging off her coat and firing it at the table. Explaining to Mork that her watch stopped meaning that she got a ticket. She was parked in a no parking after 6pm zone, but her watch stopped and by the time she got back it was after 6 and she got a 15 dollar parking fine. Mork tells her that's unfair, and she agrees. He tells her not to pay the fine and stands with her, but grousing she says she has to, flopping down on the couch. It's the law. Mork asks her who made the law? Unsure she shrugs, thinking the Town Council. And who said they could, he asks? Slightly perplexed she figures the people who voted them into office. What people, he presses? The people of Boulder, she figures, like her father, grandma, herself. 'Boy that's stupid, you voted to give yourself a ticket', he notes. Wryly she figures indirectly she did. In a democracy she explains, everybody votes and the majority wins. He votes they adopt Dolly Parton, but with two people you can't have a winner, Mindy points out, but tells him if he wants to know more about it he should go out and ask others, as she's not really an authority. Asking one final question he wonders why he didn't win with one vote? Because you need three in a democracy, so you have someone to break the tie.

In the Music Store, Cora and Fred are cataloguing the records when Mork arrives, just as Mindy comes out from the back putting on her coat, telling her he's finished his observation for the day he can now take her home, But she can't Susan Taylor is having a make up demonstration at her shop and has asked Mindy to model for her. Mork says he knows all about models doing an impression of a Playboy models 'aspirations' before Mindy tells her this is from the chin up, she's going to get a new face, Cora asking her if she can have her old one. Telling him she'll see him at home later, Mindy heads out and with him Cora and Fred, Mork realizes there's three of them and they can 'play Democracy', but he can't get Fred to play. 'Republican' he mutters, before Cora tries to distract him by sorting albums. As he does, a customer enters carrying an instrument case and a suitcase, and speaks to Fred, who tries to explain to the Russian that they don't fix cellos in the store only sell them. Fred's confused when he tells him there's nothing wrong with the cello he just wants him to keep it, and gives the guy a card of a repair man he wishes him good luck. As the Russian goes to head out, he greets Mork Dobry den’ getting a Nanu Nanu in return, which stops him in his tracks, thinking Mork is foreign like him.

Sergei from Slavisgrad, as he introduces himself is from very far away, he is an alien, which delights Mork, who thinks that Slavisgrad is a planet he's not familiar with, and Sergei wondering if Ork is near Minsk. Sergei is newly arrived, not yet able to find a place to stay, and is sleeping rough in the park, which his why he wanted to leave the cello with Fred, as he can stand the cold but it's not good for the cello. Mork empathizes saying it wasn't easy for him when he first blew into town as well, and asks if he has to make reports back about what he observes too? Sergei denies he's a spy and says he's a magician (musician) and student, and has a job with the sympathy 'symphony', but he doesn't get his first paycheck for a couple of weeks, so can't afford anywhere to stay. Mork tells him that he has to report back to Orson who made him come there. But no one made Sergei Krushnev come to America he tells Mork, he came as he wanted to be a part of the Democracy there Mork is even more enthused by this, Sergei saying he has studied Democracy, Mork telling him he and Mindy are forming a Democracy! Which enthuses Sergei by turn. Mork thinks it's perfect, Sergei can come live with them so there can be a third and they can have a democracy and Mork can ask him questions about the process. Sergei doesn't want to make trouble for him, but Mork tells him Mindy will love it.

That night, Mork brings Sergei to Mindy's Apartment, and he's knocked out by it, thinking Mork must be some kind of rock star to be able to afford it, wondering does Mork know the Beach Boys and Chuck Berry? As he's asking Mindy gets home from her make up modelling for Susan, pleased to see that Mork has made a new friend, Mork introducing them. Sergei greeting her with Nanu Nanu, making Mindy laugh and confirming he's spent some time with Mork. Sergei nods, saying Mork has shown him many things about their customs, before sitting on his face. As Mork tells him to lighten up, Mindy asks Mork whether he likes her new face? Sergei reacts with amazement thinking if you don't like your face in America you can just get a new one. 'Same face, new paint job' Mork corrects him, Mindy underwhelmed by his reaction. Sitting with Mork on the couch, Sergei tells her what he does, and Mork informs her Sergei is going to be part of their democracy. Taking this to mean living in America, Mindy tells him he's going to love living in America. No, Mork informs her *their* democracy, Sergei is going to be their third so they can vote, he's going to live with them. Laughing lightly, Mindy gets up and asks to speak with Mork for a moment, but he thinks they should vote on that, and votes No, asking Sergei what he thinks, Sergei just going along with Mork. Smiling through gritted teeth, Mindy sing songs that she wants to talk to him, Mork doing the same back sing songing they already voted on that. 'Now!' her eyes flash dangerously, and Mork shoots up.

Sergei asks to be excused wanting to know where the laboratory might be? Mindy directing him to the restroom in her bedroom once she figures out what he's talking about. As soon as he's gone, Mindy wants to know what Mork's done? Got a third for their democracy, he smiles. When she tells him he can't just invite anyone to come live there, he says he knows, they'll vote on it. But she vetoes that right off. She pays the rent and she says he can't stay. Ah the one with the money controls the votes he accuses. He feels their democracy isn't going so well and suggests they switch to a dictatorship instead, and pleads with her to be the dictator and she the peon. Sergei comes out mid plead all dressed for bed, enthusing that in Russia he has to sleep with 11 brothers, and tonight there'll just be 3 in the bed.

The next morning, Mork emerges from the Armoire in a blue romper having spent the night in it rather than the Attic, and after a 5 second yoga and calisthenics work out, is met by Mindy who is surprised to see him downstairs in his pajamas. He gave the 'penthouse' to Sergei and slept in the guest room he tells her, at which she tells him she wants to talk to him again, leading him back to the couch. Sergei seems like a nice guy, but he just can't invite his friends to live there. He reminds her she told him to go out and ask people questions. 'Not questions like do you want to come home and live with me?!' she says. Thinking she feels left out he suggests she could invite one of her friends, but then they'd be 4 and Democracy wouldn't work, deciding it only works with odd numbers. It's not the point, she tells him adamantly. It's that he's a stranger. So was he when she brought him home, he points out. 'Yeah and you're even stranger now!', she replies, and that was different she adds, he really needed help. So does Sergei he asserts, and she agrees. She suggests that he help Sergei find an apartment, show him around Boulder. Like an Extra-Terrestrial welcome wagon he thinks. Yes, she agrees, and she will take some money out of her savings account to help Sergei find himself a place to stay, and he can pay her back when he gets on his feet. Impressed he calls her a 'Real Wurbel', which she thanks him for, she thinks, before heading out to the Store. Calling Sergei down for breakfast, the two men establish they both have a love of American movies. With Sergei's favorite being The Lone Ranger who he would love to meet, sending Mork into a potted Lone Ranger adventure.

Sergei enthuses as they sit down to breakfast that everything is going so well for him, he has a new friend, a great place to live. But Mork tells him he has to talk to him about that. Mindy says there's only room for 2 in the apartment and they have to find him a place of his own. Rather than being upset at that, Sergei is stunned to think he can live alone. So many things to learn he thinks, Disco, Dirt Bikes, Burritos, registering as an Alien. At that, Mork looks at him, querying that one has to register as an alien? Yes, by January 1st, Sergei tells him. Mork didn't think there was that many of them, but Sergei thinks there thousands, maybe millions of them. Its no big deal being an alien then Mork thinks? It is if you're not registered Sergei tells him. Mork wonders why Mindy never told him that, but Sergei points out she's not an Alien how would she know? Sergei advises him that's a big law and he needs to do it Mork wonders if they'd kick him off the planet? Sergei's not sure they'd go that far, but it would be a problem and Mork thinks he has to avoid trouble, Orson would get really T'O'ed at him. Sergei informs him of two guys he knew who got picked up for not having proper identification. Where do I get proper identification Mork asks. Immigration Bureau Sergei says. Mork figures he better go there, and will leave Mindy a note.

Later at the Boulder County Justice Center, Mork and Sergei enter the Immigration Bureau. Mork wondering if all the people there are aliens? Sergei shrugs and figures they must be if they are all there. As the clerk calls 'Next', Mork approaches the counter wanting to register as an alien, the clerk handing him a form to fill and bring back to him Heading over to Sergei, Mork starts to fill it in. A doddle, filling in Betty Lou Xombax for his Graduation Date. Mindy's House as his place of Residence. And reporting back on their primitive planet as his occupation. When he can't answer one question, Sergei advises him to ask the Clerk and he returns, mistaking the work Vaccination for Vacation, telling him he hasn't had one but he'd like to stay in the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. Looking at the rest of the answers on Mork's form, the Clerk frowns and asks where he came from? 'Over there', Mork points to the desk with Sergei at it At that the Clerk asks for his passport, but Mork doesn't have one, or know what one is. He has no Identification he tells the clerk on his query, bar a mole on his hand and another on his right hip. He has no green card, the clerk asks, no passport, no visa, no birth certificate? Not even a note from home. Legally you don't exist the clerk tells him. Ah you exaggerate, therefore I am, Mork rebuttals. The clerk calls for Security, telling the arriving Guard to hang on to Mork, they'll need to ask him a few questions. As the Guard, Bob, takes hold of Mork by the door, it opens, Mindy appearing grabbing hold of Mork's arm from Bob saying, 'Hi Mork, lets go home!' and pulling him straight out again in one movement, only for the clerk to stop her.

Telling her she can't take him, they have to detain them. Mindy turns to Mork and murmurs that she got his note and wants to know what's going on? He tells her he has to register as an alien. Rolling her eyes, she tells him he doesn't understand, but he thinks she doesn't understand that he could be in big trouble. That, she knows. Looking to the Clerk she asks what the problem is? He's an alien with no identification, the Clerk replies, they need to question him. He's not an alien, Mindy tells him, then gets a brainwave. And asks the clerk if she can suggest a question? When he agrees she tells him to ask Mork where he's from, subtly making the 'crazy' signal behind Mork's back, smiling at Mork quickly when he looks back at her. The Clerk asks and Mork tells him Ork, giving its full location, Mindy smiling meaningfully at the clerk from behind him. Getting the idea the Clerk jokily asks how Mork got here, Mork's answer 'flying egg' just widening Mindy's smile and the Clerk's idea he's dealing with a nut. Mindy getting Mork to tell the Clerk how he drinks with his finger is all he needs, and he tells the Clerk to escort Mork out, Mindy grabbing hold of Mork and dragging him after her as he tries to tell her everyone else in there are aliens too. The Clerk relieved to see him go, is less so when Sergei approaches him and greets him with Nanu Nanu.

A few weeks later, Mindy and Mork are preparing a large fish for dinner in the kitchen, Mindy seasoning it while Mork snaps beans, while they talk about Sergei, Mork confused why Sergei called himself an alien if he'd never even been to the moon? Because people who come to America from different countries are called aliens, Mindy explains Strange, Mork notes, everyone on Ork is an Orkan, but humans keep differentiating themselves by nation, creed, game show hosts. Mindy admits that true and they haven't learned to live together very well yet. He also feels strange about Democracy, which Mindy finds strange until he explains how Sergei went out to get his drivers license but because he was an alien it took all day. Smiling she thinks he's getting Democracy mixed up with Bureaucracy. Democracy is the one man one vote system, she explains, while Bureaucracy is...the most difficult way to get anything done. They've been trying to streamline things for a while but it's difficult? Why he asks? Bureaucracy, she shrugs. Sergei arrives greeting them both in a great mood, he has his new apartment, he has his drivers license, and it only took him one day to get it. In Russia it would have taken 6 months. Mindy tells him they're both really happy he's adjusting to things so well, and thanking her, says that while he can't stay he'd like to give them both a little gift, a jar of Russian Caviar, before he heads off.

Mork is still confused about Democracy saying it didn't seem to work when there were three of them, or two of them, but seems to be working for Sergei and he lives alone. Mindy laughs saying that's one of the good things about Democracy it protects the individual. And speaking of protection she says he should probably ask her first if he has any questions. He agrees, she asked him to take a poll and he brought home a Russian, both of them laughing. Mork examines the jar of Caviar and recoils from the smell. Caviar Mindy explains, Fish Eggs, she tells him sticking her tongue out grossed out by it herself. Ah Eggs, Mork reacts grabbing their fish, and pouring the eggs into it's mouth sending the entire jar, home to the mother ship.

Making his report to Orson doing some Russian dance, Orson recognizes the accent as Russian, and Mork apologizes saying he'll slow it down, Orson exasperatedly saying just the report Mork. As Mork stands to give it, Orson notices flakes falling inside Mork's mind, Mork telling him this is what Earthlings call 'snow'. Kind of like Martian Lint Bombs only frozen. But they're not dangerous he assures Mork. He says he's also observed a human custom called Voting. Its where everyone can have a voice in Democracy. They all vote, Orson enquires? No only about half of them. The rest have political laryngitis. Maybe they don't like their leaders, Orson observes. Mork agrees that's part of the problem, too bad they don't leaders as 'well rounded' as Orson. He denies that was a fat joke when Orson calls him on it, saying he's just glad they have a leader like him they can all stand behind. ALL of them. Orson tells him that was a cheap shot, and Mork looks abashed, saying 'Heavy Thigh', before grinning and signing out.


Orkan 'Facts'[]

  • Mork tells her that to be President on Ork you just have to say it and everyone says it's cool. Mindy clearly thinks he's joking, and considering 'President Fluffy', he undoubtedly is.
  • Mork calls Mindy a 'Real Wurbel' or decent/kind person, when she decides to lend Sergei some of her own money till he can get on his feet.
  • Mork's 'Graduation Date' was apparently Betty Lou Xombax. This might be the 'Betty Lou' that Mork references when coming on to Mindy, aged to 'teenager' by Mr. Bickley (Mork the Tolerant)
  • Mork is clearly joking when he defensively tells the clerk his father the eyedropper married his mother the test tube 'he had to' (obviously they are inanimate objects and marriage doesn't exist on Ork)
  • Mork again confirms that Ork is located in the Photosphere of the Galaxy Melo Cartorious near the Blackhole Leon.


  • Tim Thomerson who plays Sergei had been a regular cast member alongside Conrad Janis, who he shares a scene with here, in the short lived NBC Sci-Fi comedy Quark.
  • He'd also recently been, alongside Pam Dawber, part of the cast of Robert Altman's A Wedding, the movie that had gotten her, her ABC contract, leading ultimately to her being cast in the show.
  • Susan Taylor is revealed to have her own Beautician's Shop.
  • Sergei's has a job with the Boulder Symphony, though hasn't had his first paycheck yet. Which makes it a possibility that he is one of the musicians under Fred when Fred takes over as the Symphony's conductor in Season 3.
  • Mork has a mole on the back of his right hand, and another on his right hip.

Pop Culture[]

  • Mork tells Mindy in the wake of her 15 dollar fine after her watch stopped, that the worst thing that happens when your watch stops on Ork is they remove the Mickey Hands, referring to Mickey Mouse watches.
  • Mork votes that they adopt Dolly Parton, the C&W singer/song writer really hitting her mainstream stride at this point, not to mention her more obvious attributes.
  • Sergei says Dobry den’ , to Mork, on his way out of the store, Good Day in Russian.
  • The "Leaping Lizards" both Mork & Sergei trade are the favorite exclamatory catchphrase of Little Orphan Annie.
  • Sergei asks Mork if he has many pairs of Levis. The trade in Levis on the black market in Soviet Russia being one a number of tropes at the time.
  • Impressed with Mindy's apartment Sergei wants to know if he Mork is a Rock Star, and knows the Beach Boys and Chuck Berry.
  • Mork sings 'You asked for it, you got it, I'm listening!' when Mindy tells him she wants to talk to him, playing on the Toyota Car Ad Campaign of the 70s.
  • Mork greets Sergei with Dobroye utro when he comes down for breakfast. Meaning Good Morning in Russian.
  • Sergei namechecks as the movies he seen, Citizen Kane, When the Wind is Leaving (Gone With the Wind), In Front of on the Water (On The Waterfront) and his favorite The Lonesome Ranger (The Lone Ranger)
  • Mork does an entire short The Lone Ranger adventure complete with Ranger and Tonto impersonations and a range of 'western' characters.
  • Mistaking Vaccination for Vacation, Mork tells the Clerk he'd love to go Miami Beach and stay at the Fountainbleau, which was the largest and most luxurious hotel in South Florida, with a history of being included in films and TV and which hosted celebrities and entertainers, ranging from Elvis Presley and Bob Hope to Lucille Ball and Judy Garland.
  • Mork tells the Clerk 'You exaggerate therefore I am!' in rebuttal to the Clerks asserting that legally he doesn't exist. Playing on René Descartes, Cogito Ergo Sum / 'I think therefore I am!' philosophical argument of existence.


  • Mork: Mindy! Why are you mad at your coat?
  • Mindy: *growls* Because my watch stopped!
  • Mork: Ahh and you suspect your coat!


  • Mork: Mindy! I've finished my observations of the migration of the North American Wino which was easy because he didn't move very far.


  • Sergei: You speak English.
  • Mork: You speak Lousy
  • Sergei: Is because I'm not from here around. I am from very far away. I am Alien.
  • Mork: *gasps* Leapin' Lizards, so am I! *extends Orkan greeting* Mork from Ork! Nanu Nanu!
  • Sergei: Sergei from Slavisgrad! *shakes hands vigorously*
  • Mork: Slavisgrad is that near Alpha Centuri?
  • Sergei: No. Ork? Is that near Minsk?
  • Mork: No you've got me by the shorts there. Unless that's the one with eight moons?!


  • Sergei: Who is this Mindy?
  • Mork: Oh she's the girl I live with.
  • Sergei: Are you married?!
  • Mork: No but don't bother about it, neither is she.


  • Mindy: You just can't invite anyone to come live here!
  • Mork: I know that. We'll vote on it.
  • Mindy: Oh no we won't! I pay the rent and I say he can't stay!
  • Mork: Ohhh...I see, the one with the money controls the votes!


  • Mork: I was a stranger and you brought me home?
  • Mindy: Yeah and you're even stranger now!


  • Sergei: You should be TV Star!
  • Mork: Oh no, too much pressure and you have to get up too early.


  • Mork: It's no big deal being an alien then?
  • Sergei: Is big deal if you don't register! It is the law, you must.
  • Mork: I wonder why Mindy never told me that?
  • Sergei: Is she an alien?
  • Mork: No, Caucasian.


  • Mork: I'd better go to the Immigration Bureau then. I'll leave Mindy a note.
  • Sergei: Do you know where it is?
  • Mork: No I haven't written it yet.


  • Mork: *filling in Registration Form* Let's see. Name? Mork. Easy, one down. Place of Residence? Ork. Two down. Education? P.S. 1,000,006 Graduation Date? Betty Lou Xombax. Residence? Mindy's House! Ahr Ahr. Occupation? Observing your primitive planet and reporting back its customs to Orson!


  • Clerk: I see, heh heh, and how did you get here, Boat, Plane?
  • Mork: Flying Egg
  • Clerk: I see, I always go by flying bacon myself.
  • Mork: Oh! The express!! The sizzler!


  • Mindy: You see, Democracy is the one man one vote system. While Bureaucracy is the most...difficult way to get anything done.
  • Mork: Why do you have such an inefficient system?
  • Mindy: Well...we've been working hard at it.


  • Mindy: And speaking of protection. I think next time you have any questions you should ask me first.
  • Mork: I know I'm a real nimnul. You asked me to take a Poll and I brought home a Russian.

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