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Happy 70th Birthday Pam!

Pam Gene Dawber born 18th October, 1951

40 Years Ago This Week....

Mork & Mindy Marry - "The Wedding" aired 15th October, 1981

The Wedding - 40th Anniversary

Current News

Pam Dawber - To play Investigative Journalist, Marcie Warren in NCIS

Pam Dawber recently returned to TV for a run of 6 Episodes of CBS's NCIS starting April 6th 2021, her role continuing into the first 2 episodes of the 19th season of the show.

About Mork & Mindy

Mork & Mindy is an American sci-fi-based sitcom TV series which was originally broadcast on ABC-TV from 1978 until 1982. The series starred Robin Williams as Mork, a misfit alien who comes to Earth from the planet Ork to observe and report on human behavior, and Pam Dawber as Mindy McConnell, an ordinary girl from Boulder, Colorado who takes the clueless alien under her wing, and roof. The series focuses on their evolving relationship, Mork's exuberant, comic, and often disastrous attempts to learn and report back about humanity's idiosyncrasies to his boss, Orson, and Mindy's attempts to keep Mork out of trouble and undiscovered while trying to carry on some semblance of a normal life.


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28 September - 27 October 2021 - Second Promo added for Putting the Ork Back in Mork. Actor Pages created for: Peter Elbling; Linda Ewen; Ruta Lee; Bob Arbogast; Michael Danahy; Henry Polic II; John Turi; Elizabeth Hoy; Robby the Robot; Lu Leonard Character Pages created for: French Waiter; Waitress; The Policeman; Customer Multiple References pages added for: The Iranian Revolution; Superman; Liberace; Orson Welles; The Exorcist; Locations pages added for: Buckley's Airforce Base
28 August - 27 September 2021 - Second Promo added for Putting the Ork Back in Mork. Actor Pages created for: Hank Jones; Leslie Vallen; Bruce M. Fischer; Fay DeWitt; Jeremy West; Stu Silver; Wally Dalton; Ed Bernard; Kit McDonough; Ysabel MacCloskey; David Ketchum; Tim Thomerson; Ed Greenberg; Will Porter; Don Galloway; Character Pages created for: Belk; Scotti; Officer Bob; Girl Scout; Ski Shop Salesman; Sergei Krushnev; FBI Agent; Funeral Home Attendant; Paramedic
28 July - 27 August 2021 - Character Pages created for: Airman Endo; Airman McFarland; Father Denny; Laurie; Julia; Elliot; The Veterinarian; Bob Turnbow; Ernest Travers; Sheri; Ruby; Rick (The Stupids); Raoul; The Theater Security Guard; Dave; Charlie; Gus; Sissy; Phil; Fatima; Tommy Nesbitt; The Tailor; George Logan; Suzanne; Stella Benson; Donald; Maury; Ebu. Location Pages added for: Strand's Repair Shop.
28 June - 27 July 2021 - Character Pages created for: Billy Vincent; Marty; Daniel Pierson; Big Man; Dittman; Jack; Holly; Chuck Wilson; Julius; Jennifer; Dr. Benton Phillips; Suzy; Mr. Wang; Dr. Roland; Horace Burnett; Susie; Pattie; Cherry; Madge; Captain Chapman; Lieutenant Chambers; Location Pages added for: KSF-TV; The Purple Grotto; Added to Multiple References: Groucho Marx.
28 May - 27 June 2021 - Actor Pages created for: Jonathan Ian; Ross Martin; Richard Libertini; Sam Freed; Elinor Donahue; Marilyn Kagan; Robin Eisenmann; Nancy Steen; Ed Peck; Anita Dangler; Vicki Frederick; Debra Jo Fondren; Lou Carry; Donald Welch; Felix Silla; Lorrie Mahaffey; Ronnie Schell; Jeremey Vernon; Johnny Haymer; Paul Willson; David Spielberg; William Bumiller; David Letterman; Character Pages created for Bob Faith; Danny St Tommy; Jerry Looney; Jonathan; Marvin the Evil; Godfrey; Augustus J. Strand; Althea; The Reverend; Lisa; Penny; Lloyd Prescott; Helen Anderson; PeeVee Clones; The Orkan Porter; Kama; Sutra; Peggy Black; Pam Stockhaus; Ann; Kathy; Stu Scully; Chuck the Robot; Ron; Sid; Peter Pan; Nurse Tula; Derrick; Bob Miller; Mr. Herman; Maitre D'; Quentin; Ms. Beasley; Randy Brooks; Wink Geezba; Mr. Bromax; Tom. Writer Page Added for: Michael Endler; James Klein; Location Pages added for: Mother Bell's; St. Peter's Church; Happy Valley Sanitorium; Glenda's Apartment; Frizbat; Added to Magazines: Rona Barrett's Hollywood & Gossip Magazines; Gutter Press; Regional TV Guides; Added to Multiple References: Lawrence Welk; The Lone Ranger; Richard Nixon; The Osmonds; Roy Rogers; Reagan; Category Page added for Mindy's Extended Family. Category Page added for Mork & Mindy DVDs; Created Category Page for Mork's Enemies; Category Page for Mork's Multiple Jobs
12 May - 27 May 2021 - Category added for Mork's Multiple References, Pages added for Howard Cosell; Peter Lorre; Alien; Brooke Shields; Carter, Walter Cronkite; Yiddish; Shiksa. Category Page added for Magazines - Pages added for Look-In, TV Guide. Pages added for Neptune; Virginia; Dewey Fishbeck; Richie Cunningham; Jim Blake; Margaret; Boulder, Colorado; Stephanie Kayano; Woody Eney; Robin Strand; John B. Collins; Catherine Campbell; Wendy Hoffman; Brion James, Ben Starr; Simon Muntner; Alan Eisenstock; Bruce Kalish; Larry Mintz; Ron Howard; Mark Fenske; Hotel Mmm Pltzz *cheekpull* & Spa; Happy Days; Laverne & Shirley; Laverne De Fazio.
5 Apr - 15 Apr Promos added for I Don't Remember Mama. Pages added for Harvey Lembeck, 'Ovits', George Pentecost, Tom Kindle, Geoffrey Lewis, Louanne, 'George', 'Rick', 'Marcia', 'Stephanie', 'Melissa Francis'. Ad added for Dr. Morkenstein. Plot Expanded for 'Exidor's Wedding', 'A Mommy for Mindy'
24 Mar - 4 Apr - Promos added for Mindy, Mindy, Mindy & Mindy Gets Her Job. Plot Expanded for 'Dr Morkenstein' 'Hold That Mork' Pages for Roddy McDowell, James Staley, Pearl Street Mall. Keith Coogan, Andy Guerdat, Michael Prince, Steve Kreinberg, Larry Gelman, Vidal Petersen, Logan Ramsey, Annie Wanker, Officer Boyd, J.D. Hinton, Neil Leibowitz, Dick Yarmy, Deputy Tilwick, Judge Peak, Jeff Harlan, Pamela the Court Stenographer.
13 - 23 Mar - Plot expanded for 'The Way Mork Were'; 'Young Love'. and 'Old Muggable Mork'. Pages added for Bare Facts Club, The Lazy Hacienda, The Eatery, Boulder Bus Station, Rosa Da Vinci, Al Klevins, Ambrosia's Apartment, Susan Taylor's Apartment. Cut Scene Info added for Old Muggable Mork.
1 - 12 Mar - Plot expanded for 'Old Fears' & 'Mork and the Immigrant', Pages added for Mr, Bickley's Apartment, Singles Apartment Complex, Chez Michel, Boulder County Justice Centre
14 - 27 Feb Pages added for Brian Seff, McConnell's Music Store, The NY Deli, Da Vinci's, Pine Tree Day Care Centre, Don Barnhart, Mindy's Apartment, Mindy's Bedroom, McConnell House and 1619 Pine Street
27 Jan - 13 Feb 2021 - Pages added for Ilene Graff, 'Bill Mason', 'Cliff', Bruce Johnson and 'Judy Marino', Directors Frank Buxton, Harvey Medlinsky & Jeff Chambers, Mrs. Louise Bailey, Steve Stucker, Jeff Altman, Carl Gottleib
21 Jan 2021 - Cut Scene Info added for P.S.2001
18 Jan 2021 - RIP Perry Botkin
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