"Mork & Mindy": Season Two

Mork & Mindy Season 2 DVD cover

Mork and Mindy Season 2 DVD cover

Season Information
Episodes 26 aired
Network/Air Dates ABC-TV, September 16, 1979 - May 1, 1980
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Mork & Mindy Season 2 Gina Hecht Jay Thomas Robin Williams
Season Two of Mork and Mindy began airing on September 16, 1979 on ABC. The second season concluded after 26 episodes on May 1, 1980.


A new opening sequence is used featuring clips from Season 1 and 2. Also the theme music is spiced up with a slighly-disco arrangement for the 1980s.

Season OverviewEdit

The show's main focus now in Season 2 is no longer on Mork's comedic attempts to adjust to the new world he lives in, but on their relationship on a romantic level. With this new relationship, he also tries to find a steady job to pay his own way and support themselves.

New are the characters of Remo DaVinci and his sister Jeannie DaVinci, who run The New York Delicatessen. Mindy's weird cousin, political candidate Nelson Flavor, becomes a regular, with Mork and Mindy lending a hand to his campaign. Mr. Bickley is upgraded to a starring role, though he was credited in more episodes than he appeared in. Exidor also returned for frequent appearances.

In their infinite wisdom, the network decided to relocate from a music store to a restaurant[1] and dump the characters of Fred, Cora, Eugene and Susan. It was explained that Fred went on tour as a conductor with an orchestra, taking Cora with him. Both eventually returned to the show. Eugene and Susan were simply never heard from again.

ABC moved the show from Thursday to Sunday nights, where it squared off against the popular CBS show Archie Bunker's Place, and the network mandated that the episodes be family oriented. When the ratings tanked, they went the opposite direction and tried to inject sex into the show with appearances by Raquel Welch and the Denver Bronco Cheerleaders. It didn't help boost ratings. The show returned to Thursday nights in January 1980, and Fred began returning for regular guest appearances.

Main Cast/Main CharactersEdit

Season 2 (1979-1980)Edit

Special Guest Star: Robert Donner as Exidor

Season 2 episodes
No. in series No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
"Mork in Wonderland, Part 1
"Mork in Wonderland, Part 2"
Howard Storm Dale McRaven & Bruce Johnson September 16, 1979 201 (2x1)
202 (2x2)
Mork takes an earthling cold capsule that shrinks his nasal membranes. It turns out though that he is entirely made of membrane, so Mindy helplessly watches Mork shrink to nothing. While shrunk, Mork finds himself in an odd 'alternate universe' called Mirth, where humor has been outlawed. 
  •  Note: One-hour episode; Tom Poston's first episode as a regular; Filming for the shrinking effect was provided by Magicam (only used in Part 1)
28 3 "Stark Raving Mork" Howard Storm April Kelly September 23, 1979 203 (2x3)
Hearing about 'kissing and making up' from Mr. Bickley and Remo, Mork starts an argument with Mindy and gets thrown out of the house. When it comes to the making up part, Mork turns to Remo for help.
29 4 "Mork's Baby Blues" Joel Zwick David Misch & April Kelly September 30, 1979 204 (2x4)
Due to a misunderstanding about Monopoly money, gold-digger Kathy Cumberland believes Mork is rich and claims she is carrying his child.
30 5 "Dr. Morkenstein" Harvey Medlinsky Bruce Kalish & Philip John Taylor October 7, 1979 205 (2x5)
Working as a security guard in a science museum where a Science Exhibition is being held, Mork befriends a robot named Chuck who will soon end up in the junk pile

 Note: Roddy McDowall as the voice of Chuck the Robot

31 6 "Mork vs. Mindy" Howard Storm David Misch October 14, 1979 206 (2x6)
After Mork & Mindy are hired as campaign workers by Mindy's cousin Nelson Flavor (who is running for city councilman), they end up competing against each other for the same job.
32 7 "Mork Gets Mindy-itis" Howard Storm Tom Tenowich October 21, 1979 207 (2x7)
Mork discovers he is allergic to Mindy when he gets uncontrollable fits of laughter (the Orkan equivalent to sneezing) around her. Mork gets advice from Jeanie on what do to cure his allergies. While Mindy helps with Nelson's election, Exidor returns and tells Mork that he has moved into a boss pad with his invisible girlfriend.
33 8 "A Morkville Horror" Howard Storm Tom Tenowich & Ed Scharlach October 28, 1979 208 (2x8)
On Halloween, Mork & Mindy believe the house she grew up in and is selling to Mr. Bickley is haunted by ghosts. After an encounter with Exidor (who mistook Mindy's old house for a private getaway), Mork & Mindy encounter the ghosts of the house's builder Dirdre and Lucinda LaFitte.
34 9 "Mork's Health Hints" Howard Storm David Misch November 4, 1979 209 (2x9)
Mindy goes to the hospital for a tonsillectomy. But due to a typographical error, Mindy is mistaken for another patient and nearly ends up getting brain surgery instead. Fortunately, her knight in shining suspenders is up to the job.
35 10 "Dial 'N' for Nelson" Howard Storm David Misch & April Kelly November 11, 1979 210 (2x10)
When Nelson receives threatening phone calls, Mork & Mindy investigate a shady club.
"Mork vs. The Necrotons, Part 1"
"Mork vs. The Necrotons, Part 2"
Howard Storm David Misch November 18, 1979 211 (2x11)
212 (2x12)
Mork is captured by a female Necroton warrior named Captain Nirvana and her minions Kama and Sutra. She uses feminine charms to get information about Earth out of Mork's mind. Kama and Sutra capture Mindy in order to lure Mork to Captain Nirvana. Mork & Mindy are soon trapped by the Necrotons, but Mork uses his slapstick to defeat his enemy. 
38 13 "Hold That Mork" Howard Storm Bruce Kalish & Philip John Taylor November 25, 1979 213 (2x13)
Mork becomes a member of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders, making him pro football's first male cheerleader. Nelson uses the idea of Mork being a cheerleader to further his campaign.
  •  Note: Portions were filmed at Mile High Stadium on November 11, 1979 before a game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots.
  •  Guest Starring: Linda Henning as Pam Stockhaus
39 14 "The Exidor Affair" Howard Storm Dale McRaven & Bruce Johnson December 2, 1979 214 (2x14)
Exidor wants to propose to a pretty meter maid named Ambrosia Malspa and asks Mork for help. When Exidor's invisible friend Pepe ruins the dinner date, Mork ends up taking Exidor in. While Mork tries to keep Exidor from leaving, Mindy tries to get Ambrosia to take Exidor back.
40 15 "The Mork Syndrome" Howard Storm April Kelly & David Patrick O'Malley December 9, 1979 215 (2x15)
Mork mistakes the Air Force as a travel club and joins up as Lt. Mork Fromork. Mork goes on a secret mission for the Air Force and unintentionally blows the cover on irresponsible behavior regarding nuclear waste.

Orkan Fact: Although Ork, like Earth, uses nuclear energy, the resultant "tell-tale nuclear waste" is easily disposed of via a spray called "Nuke-Away." Mork is incredulous that any planet would use nuclear energy without being able to dispose of such waste; the revelation that humans store nuclear waste in "cans" outright frightens him.

41 16 "Exidor's Wedding" Howard Storm Dale McRaven & Bruce Johnson December 16, 1979 216 (2x16)
Exidor's long-lost mother Princess Lusitania shows up and tries to keep her son from getting married. Now Mork & Mindy must find a way to convince Princess Lusitania to let Exidor get married. (Princess Lusitania might have been Mindy's roommate in "Mork's Health Hints.") 
  • Guest starring: Georgia Engel as Ambrosia Malspa
42 17 "A Mommy for Mindy" Howard Storm April Kelly January 3, 1980 217 (2x17)
When Fred visits with a younger woman he has just married, Mork is happy, but Mindy is not.
43 18 "The Night They Raided Mind-ski's" Howard Storm Ed Scharlach & Tom Tenowich January 10, 1980 218 (2x18)
Mork unknowingly goes into a meeting house for a group of Ku Klux Klan-like fanatics to support Nelson's campaign. When the fanatics vandalize Mindy's apartment upon learning that she is half-Polish, Mork resorts to his antics to turn the tide against them.
44 19 "Mork Learns to See" Howard Storm Ed Scharlach & Tom Tenowich January 17, 1980 219 (2x19)
When Mr. Bickley's blind son Tom comes to visit, Mork learns from him to see the world differently.
45 20 "Mork's Vacation" Jeff Chambers Tom Tenowich & Ed Scharlach January 24, 1980 220 (2x20)
Needing a vacation, Mork gets Orson's permission to swap bodies with other aliens from Murow and HMM-HMM-HMM. This causes more problems than usual on the home front when the minds of the aliens inhabit Mork's body.>
46 21 "Jeanie Loves Mork" Howard Storm "Teleplay by:" Ed Scharlach & Tom Tenowich
"Story by:" teve Kreinberg & Andy Guerdat
January 31, 1979 221 (2x21)
Mindy secretly takes over a lonely hearts column, recognizes a letter from her friend Jeanie and advises her on finding "Mr. Right". Meanwhile, Mork is also trying to help Jeanie by hanging out with her, walking her home, and trying to be a good friend. Mork doesn't realize that Jeanie wants to be "more than friends".
47 22 "Little Orphan Morkie" Howard Storm Bruce Kalish & Philip John Taylor February 7, 1980 222 (2x22)
Following the events of his last visit to the Department of Immigrants, Mork could be deported unless he either marries an American citizen or finds someone to adopt him. Yet the person who ends up adopting Mork is Exidor.
48 23 "Looney Tunes and Morkie Melodies" Howard Storm Tom Tenowich & Ed Scharlach February 14, 1980 223 (2x23)
Mork recruits his friends to turn the hour devoted to Nelson's 7:00 AM Saturday morning campaign speech into a variety show for kids.
49 24 "Clerical Error" Howard Storm April Kelly February 28, 1980 224 (2x24)
Mork tries to become a priest, dresses up in a black jacket and white collar, and begins advising church parishioners.
50 25 "Invasion of the Mork Snatchers" Howard Storm Tom Tenowich & Ed Scharlach March 20, 1980 225 (2x25)
TV commercials cause Mork to become addicted to shopping. This causes problems for Mindy.
51 26 "The Way Mork Were" Howard Storm April Kelly & David Misch May 1, 1980 226 (2x26)
When marital problems plague Fred, he turns to Mork & Mindy for help.  
  •  Note: Clip show retrospective of previous episodes.