Mork is a member of a race of humanoid life-forms, known as Orkans, from the planet Ork, sent to Earth to observe and report back on human behavior who is befriend by Mindy McConnell, an Earth Girl who helps shelter, guide and teach him about the ways of Earthlings, and especially their emotions. Living with her in her apartment he forms a strong friendship with her, falling in love with her, proposing to and marrying her.

Robin Williams first appeared as Mork in the Season 6 episode of Happy Days titled "My Favorite Orkan;" he would again appear in a Happy Days episode, Season 7's "Mork Returns", after having been spun off into Mork and Mindy, where Mork appeared in all 95 episodes during its four-season run.

About "Mork from Ork"[edit | edit source]

Mork, is an Orkan, a humanoid race millions of years older than humans, that have evolved from Avians, namely chickens. And one that is ultimately revealed to age backwards. Orkans put away emotions generations before, and do not have family units. Mork was born in an Orkan laboratory as a "test tube baby" He claims that his mother was a beaker and his father was an eyedropper (a pun on the term "eyedropper" meaning a person who will grow out of a relationship with their wife), noting that his father "left Mom for a medicine bottle, with those tight labels, the scum!!". He was raised in a warehouse by a robot in a huge batch of other test tube children.

Mork in his Orkan spacesuit

However Mork is a misfit, pure and simple. Eccentric even by Orkan standards, telling jokes and exhibiting a sense of unOrkan humor, he is sent to Earth in part because it is felt he will fit in better there than on his home planet., Having previously visited the planet on two occasions and monitored Earth broadcasts he has knowledge of Earth politics, music and celebrities, but little grasp on the nuances of being human.

He first meets Mindy McConnell above Boulder Reservoir, where she was stranded by her jerk date who stole her Jeep. As he's wearing his business suit backwards, she mistakes him for a Catholic Priest and walks home happily with him. Inviting him into her apartment for a drink to thank him, she finally sees how he's dressed, and he reveals to her what he is. Panicked at first, Mork calms her down by assuring her he means no harm, and that Orkans abolished violence Bleems ago. Gradually won over, then fascinated by him, she offers to trade knowledge with him about their respective worlds, and ultimately invites him to live in her apartment with her. Which, after some issues with her father, Fred McConnell, he does, learning about Earth while teaching her Orkan culture.

Their relationship is the prime catalyst for the dormant emotions in the non-emotional Orkan to start to re-awaken, which he has to deal with in the face of opposition from Orson his direct superior he reports to. Said emotions are also the reason for the development and change in his relationship with Mindy over time, and effects his interaction with and perspective of others, all of which are reflected in his reports. His experiences on Earth start to affect opinions even of the leaders of his world (Putting the Ork Back in Mork, Part 2), his reports become so popular on Ork that he becomes something of a celebrity himself (There's a New Mork in Town), and ultimately his work on Earth earns him a promotion (The Mork Report).

Personal Biological Idiosyncrasies[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mork is an innocent abroad, with a voracious curiosity for why things are the way the are on Earth and why humans act the way the do. Despite not really fitting in on Ork, and enjoying the freedom Earth gives him, he is intensely proud of his Orkan-ness, passing that on to his son. Like all Orkans he is non-violent, and has only lashed out twice, once in defense of Mindy (The Night They Raided Mind-ski's), the other of Mearth (My Dad Can't Beat Up Anybody). Mork follows the Orkan dictum of hiding or talking your way out trouble being the highest form of valor. That being said, Mork does display a cowardly streak at times (A Morkville Horror), but almost always overcomes it to come good for Mindy, his family and friends. Though he swaggers sometimes, and likes to refer to his being a 'superior being', that streak is sometimes fueled by a lack of confidence (There's a New Mork in Town), borne of the fact that he was bullied when in school for being different (P.S. 2001) , and knows (even from his posting to Earth) that he has never measured up to other Orkans.

His propensity towards humor, part of the reason he's given a job away from Ork, results in a near constant stream of jokes involving famous people, businesses, life-styles, politics, and a vast number of other one-liners. In addition he is a master of impressions, most notably Richard Nixon, Groucho Marx, Charles Bronson, and more. Because of that, however, it is often hard to tell when Mork is being serious, especially about his home world and their customs. Mork's sincerity is mostly saved for Mindy, and those rare moments where he is emotionally engaged on part of another person or a cause.

Mork's child-like innocence, ultimately benefits him when, after a long search for an 'Earth' job, he is employed at a day care center, his rapport with 'munchkins' evident from the start in his friendship with Eugene. The three main children that he hangs with at the Centre are Lola, Stephanie, and Billy. And his love of children both fire his desire to be father, and serves him well when actually becomes one.

Mork's main job remains as an Orkan Observer to Earth. After almost every lesson he learns, he makes a mental report to Orson, his superior, passing along his new Earth knowledge to Ork. Mork's usual greeting is "Nanu, nanu!", which he claims is better than the original greeting "Yo, lizard thighs!".

Foibles[edit | edit source]

  • Bologna - Bologna with everything, sandwiches, ice cream, Margaritas
  • Flower Petals to snack on
  • Claiming to be hypoglycemic but shoveling down bowls of ice cream

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Mindy McConnell[edit | edit source]

Mork's prime relationship is obviously with Mindy. The absolutely pivotal figure in his life. His guide, teacher, best friend, room mate, and ultimately girlfriend and wife.

Mindy resorts to close up tactics to restore Mork's Emotions

From the moment she stood up for him at his sanity hearing, Mork began to experience emotions, and quickly begins to fall for her, even though he can not properly articulate what it is he is feeling. He receives his first hug, and first kiss from her, each intimate interaction having more and more effect on the dormant emotions he is supposed to keep in check. To the point that he becomes both guilty and worried by how much he feels for her, and how hard it might be to leave her if he's sent somewhere else (Mork Goes ERK). The culmination of her effect on his emerging emotions occurs after he has first intimate dream involving her (Mork's Mixed Emotions), in which he experiences attraction, jealousy, guilt and anger. The intensity and wildness of which worries him to the point that he resolves to mentally lock away his emotions for good, and does. Only for Mindy, unhappy at the automaton he has made himself into, to blast the door back open when she seductively coaxes and passionately kisses him in an attempt to get him to release them again. Succeeding beyond her expectations. Exploding outwards, his now completely freed emotions take him on a rampage until, on his return, Mindy gradually helps him to resolve his individual emotions into a residual whole, Mork finally becoming an emotional being.

Though he also does not know how to act on other women's attraction (or machinations) when they do occur, Mork repeatedly asserts not wanting to be with anyone else but Mindy (Mork's Seduction; Mork's Baby Blues; Mork vs. The Necrotons, Part 2) he also experiences jealousy/unhappiness when a reconciliation with her former fiancé, Dan Phillips threatens their situation (A Mommy for Morky), and overall it is evident from very early on, even though he cannot put a name to it, that he is in love with her.

Part puppy, part cannon ball, part knight in badged suspenders, Mork is entirely devoted to her, overtly stating 'It makes me happy to make you happy' (Mork, the Swinging Single). His first time he expresses real anger and threatens someone occurs when he sees her mistreated (It's a Wonderful Mork) and the first time he ever acts violently is when she is threatened (The Night They Raided Mind-ski's). He would do literally anything for her, even just to cheer her up (Mork in Never Never Land) or make her laugh, sometimes with calamitous results (Mork the Prankster), supporting her however he can through her college years, her search for a job (Mindy Gets Her Job) and new career (Mindy and Mork).

Mork undergoes an Eggsorcism to rid himself of Earth Spirits so he can remain with Mindy

Despite some rocky moments their relationship blossoms and deepens through the years they spend with each other, punctuated by romantic moments. Mork undertaking a dangerous procedure (Putting the Ork Back in Mork) to restore his Orkan-ness after trying too hard to appear the human she has urged him to be in public, and and as a result facing being sent away from her forever. Ultimately growing so attached to her that when she leaves for a weekend having landed a job, he misses her so badly he starts to fall apart and prevails upon the Orkan Elder to clone her for him (Mindy, Mindy, Mindy) and, as her job takes her away more and more, he endeavors to become the best 'wife' she could ever want (Mindy and Mork).

Reflections, Regrets and Confessions

In Reflections and Regrets, during Mr. Bickley's 50th birthday party, when conversation among the guests turn to their regrets, Mork is made curious by Mindy's unwillingness to voice her regret in front of the others, and she confesses to him that it is due to it's intimate nature, and she will tell him later when they're alone. After the guests go, she talks of how much she regrets that her mother died before she could meet Mork. She couldn't say that in front of the others, because she means she would have wanted her to know all about him, including his being an alien...and...that he means more to her than anything in the world. Touched Mork, tells her he knows what he would have said to her mother. He then proceeds to 'invite' Mindy's mother into the living room of their apartment, interacting with her, sharing his gratitude and feelings for Mindy. In 'answering' her mother's query as to whether he loves her daughter, he tells her "I want to give her everything I have, and spend the rest of my life with her, is that love?" and in her mother's 'response' comes at last to understand what he's feeling fully himself.. When her Mother 'leaves', he tells her that is what he would have said to her mother, Mindy responding that she thinks he was trying to tell her something too. As she say's that the door he opened for her mother, closes on its own, leading Mindy to ask if her mother was really there. Mork confirming she was, and that she asked him to give her something, and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Emotional, he finally tells her he loves her, and she confesses she loves him too, before they kiss.

A Heartsick Mork finally resigned to Mindy's refusal of his proposal.

Their relationship progressed, and with a new 'couply' (and vaguely naughty) nickname for her in "Little Pooter", sometime after that, buoyed by their expressed love, (Limited Engagement) Mork proposes to her. But, bad timing on his part aside, it does not go as planned. Mindy loves him, and wants to marry him, but her family warn her of the massive problems she would have marrying an alien, giving up any chance of a normal life and possibly children of her own. And faced with having to be the pragmatic one, once again, she turns him down. But Mork, undaunted, and believing absolutely in the force of their love to overcome obstacles (unsurprisingly given everything they've already gone through), Mork pleads for a chance to convince her, and gives it his all in a series of romantic attempts. But when she holds firm, and he thinks she won't ever be his, he broken heartedly makes plans to move out, telling her when she tries to stop him that he couldn't stay knowing she wouldn't ever be his, effectively forced to face watching her end up with someone 'normal'. Though she tries to tell him it wouldn't have to be that way, when he asks her if it was the other way around, could she stay, she knows she couldn't. But is still unable to let him go. The prospect of losing him overcomes her fears, her heart winning out, and she stops him by asking him to marry her, the pair ultimately falling into each others arms. However, his joyous report to Orson of his impending marriage to Mindy plans brings new problems, as Orson informs her in no uncertain terms that in marrying her he is breaching ancient Orkan Law.

Orson takes a hand

Mindy is furious to learn of Orson's interference, and after she deals with Fred's continuing attempts to object to her marrying Mork, she prevails upon Mork to stand up to Orson in the same way. But Orson's threats to Mork carry far greater danger to the Orkan, and Mork is forced to backtrack on his plans, to Orsons' face at least. Despite Orson warning him if he tries to disobey him he will change him into a more obedient creature, Mork is unable to let Mindy down and lies, telling her he won the argument, delighting her with the news they can proceed with the marriage unobstructed. But lying to Orson of his intent fails to cover it, and when the day of the wedding arrives, Orson starts to turn him into a dog. Going into his mind with him to face down Orson, Mindy's fierce commitment to marrying Mork even if Orson leaves him as a dog, impresses Orson enough for him to reverse the decision, allowing them to marry and start a life as Mr & Mrs McConnell, Mork taking Mindy's last name. Orson feeling guilty enough to even arrange for them to honeymoon on Ork.(The Wedding)

The Newlyweds reflect on their Honeymoon

However, The Honeymoon reveals Mork's uncertainty about being the kind of husband he thinks Mindy needs. When trying to show how organized and dependable he can be, one thing after another goes wrong, so by the time their wedding night, and impending first time together arrives, his fear of failing is the final straw that sends him running. When she tracks him down, he confesses to Mindy that he's scared of letting her down, of her ending up ashamed of him. Which she reassures him cannot happen when two people really love one another, before telling him of her own fears around having children, how terrified she is of that, but knowing that he'll be there to support her. Returning to their room, he tells her he does understand Earth Customs (sex) and cares deeply. Their return home making it evident that the night, and the rest of the honeymoon went very well, both of them in a newlywed glow that lasts through their first month of marriage. .

At that point their life as newlyweds takes a turn, as at the end of that month Mindy contrives to get Mork pregnant. This results in him laying an egg which grows to huge proportions, and the hatching of their 225-pound (102 kg) baby man, Mearth. All within around 48 hours. With their full grown, infant, son starting to walk and talk within 24 hours. A turn of events which, understandably, sends Mindy into a tailspin, causing her to retreat from her home into work. Seeing Mindy struggle with this unearthly turn of events, Mork does his best to allay his wife's fears and works to connect her with their son, until they become a strong family unit.

Mandy[edit | edit source]

Mork and Mandy assess each other

Mork encounters Mandy when, after catching cold and taking anti-inflammatory medication to reduce his swelling nasal membranes, he starts to shrink. Orkans being mostly membrane. Unable to control or stop the shrinking, before Mindy's eyes Mork shrinks away to a microscopic size and falls into the equally microscopic world of Mirth in a parallel Universe to Earth's. Naked and only able to find 'cow pants' to dress in, he's captured by three tuxedo-ed exaggerated comedians, who are part of a resistance group fighting the tyrant ruling Mirth and who suspect him of being a spy. Taking him to their camp they bring him to their leader. Who orders him washed and brought to her tent. Inside Mork is astonished to see, Mandy, who looks and sounds exactly like Mindy, but who is considerably more forthright, cynical and commanding. Figuring from that, that he is in a parallel universe, he tries to tell her but she is naturally suspicious, and can't take him seriously dressed as he is. Assessing each other, a spark already evident, he goes to change and manages to convince her of the truth of his story through his knowledge of the things she has hidden away in her wicker chest (which are the same as Mindy's) and his ability to drink through his finger. Walking with her later, Mandy explains where he is, what is going on in her world, and how she is trying to fight the scheming ruler of their world, Exidon who controls both the electrical power of the world, and has banned humor. As unlikely as it seems, in her world, with the crackpot nature of her operatives around her, Mork is actually a temperate and mild character, someone she can talk to and reason things through with. That combined with how similar she is to Mindy, sees the pair by the end of their first day together, walking arm in arm and holding hands, and when he agrees to risk himself to help her, they share their first kiss. Spying and working together over the course of three days, sees the pair become more and more enamored of one another. Mandy, perhaps because of the more dangerous circumstances of their relationship, more demonstrably affectionate, both physically and verbally, with Mork than Mindy, which in turns makes him more dashing, romantic and heroic.

Mork angrily grieves over Mandy

So much so that when she is captured in a trap laid by Exidon after Mork steals proof of his machinations, it is Mork that leads a raid on Exidon's castle to free her. While he, and the revolt succeeds, Mandy is mortally wounded in the uprising, Unable to help her, Mork can only hold her as she thanks him for helping to free her people, thinks on what might have happened between them if there had been more time...and tells him to tell Mindy how lucky she is to have him. When she dies in his arms, Mork's grief and anger is overwhelming and acts like a catalyst propelling him upwards as he grows again, emerging back to the Apartment to a grieving Mindy who till then, was sure he was dead.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mork and Grams

Cora Hudson - Mork has a very positive, close relationship with Cora, Mindy's grandmother, and Fred McConnell's mother-in-law. Cora's more bohemian, adventurous and modern outlook means that she finds Mork a breath of fresh air from the outset, and defends him and Mindy's relationship with Mork, (almost) constantly from Fred. Though as a music student she finds him...lacking (It's a Wonderful Mork). Mork's reciprocal respect and care for Cora is notable, often asking her for information, and is demonstrated most directly, twice. Once when, after the death of a good friend, Cora starts to feel her age and very lonely, he attempts to cheer her up, aging himself up to escort her, flirt with her, and act like scamps around Boulder (in Old Fears), which leads to her discovering he is an Alien. And secondly when, when after delightedly welcoming her back to Boulder after she's been staying with her sister in Boston, he helps to restore her shaken confidence and faith in herself after she's mugged. (Old Muggable Mork). The only time Cora isn't entirely in Mork's corner (apart from his chasing away customers), is in the immediate aftermath of his proposal to Mindy. Concerned for the difficulties such a mixed marriage could bring, the ramifications on her grand daughter's ability to have a normal life, and the chances of her having children of her own, Cora for once sides with Fred and advises Mindy against going with her heart over her head (Limited Engagement) . And is subsequently shocked when Mindy changes her mind and tells her she intends to marry him. Unlike Fred however, once she is sure that that is what Mindy truly wants, Cora falls full square behind the relationship and Mork, defending him and 'the kids' who she sees are very happy together, from Fred, and doting on her great grandson after he arrives.

Mork's fondness for Fred extends beyond his life debt. Fred's is somewhat more tempered.

Fred McConnell - Mork & Fred's relationship is the rockiest in the show or rather Fred's relationship with Mork is, as Fred's primary concern is always his daughter, and Mork is, to his mind, dangerous to her in several ways. Mork, for his part, not having a father quickly takes to Fred, and (to Fred's varying amusement through irritation) treats him like a father figure, "Pops!". Apart from teasing him about his hairline, Mork is always respectful and even affectionate with Fred, ever pleased to see him and tends to hang on his every word. Even if he mixes up the meaning, and intent (In Mork We Trust). And when Fred saves his life (Mork Goes Public) Mork states he owes him a life debt, placing himself in his service, and even attempting to reveal his true identity as an alien so that Fred can claim the reward money on offer from a major newspaper, for proof of alien life. For Mork the relationship is almost totally positive...except for Fred's attitude towards him. Prudish to begin with Fred doesn't approve of Mindy living with any guy, especially a guy as feckless as Mork appears to be on his arrival in her life. Fred tries to get him run off, only to almost get Mork committed as a result, and ends up having to help Mindy undo it (The Mork & Mindy Special). Once he discovers the truth of Mork's origins (Mork Moves In), it doesn't improve things much, as, as an alien, Mork brings both chaos and other danger into his daughter's life. His qualms ease somewhat as he starts to get to know (and not so secretly like Mork), to the point that he feels secure enough to sell the Music Store and leave Mindy with Mork. On his return with his new wife, Cathy, Fred (after some coaxing on Mork's part) talks with Mork about the issues he subsequently feels he is having with her, asking Mork about his relationship with Mindy (The Way Mork Were).

Fred's tug of war with Mork over Mindy, extends to his not wanting the Orkan to take her to Ork

Similarly Mork is eager to advise Fred when he seems to be having self-esteem issues (Mork's New Look). But Fred's improved relations with Mork don't extend to being happy with the idea of Mindy marrying Mork, with Fred's initial qualms about Mork's affect on Mindy's life all resurfacing, and Mindy having to issue an ultimatum before he finally gives his blessing. Mork never wavers in his affection for Pops, and overjoyed that when he marries Mindy he gets to actually have him as a father. Fred's liking for Mork however is always tempered by the effect the Orkan is having on Mindy, not liking him taking her off world to Ork after their wedding (The Honeymoon), advising her to 'Call Air Brazil' and run, after Mearth's birth (Mama Mork, Papa Mindy) and after Mork experiences amnesia suggesting to his daughter that this could be a chance for her to start over (I Don't Remember Mama). Mork though, rarely, if ever, takes Fred's comments about him to heart, as Fred's actions ultimately tend to speak louder than his words and Fred knows that he makes Mindy happy, and is (almost) always willing to help Mork when the chips are down.

Mearth McConnell - Mork positively adores his 225 pound, 6ft son. Discovering his parental instinct early on (Yes Sir, That's My Baby) Mork has always loved (and identified) with children, being willing to marry a woman he didn't love who told him she was pregnant with his child so it would have a father (Mork's Baby Blues), and finding his niche at the Pine Tree Day Care Center. So the early arrival of a child to him and Mindy was, for him, a dream come true. After his son hatched, Mearth and Mork bonded quickly, partially through common Orkan characteristics and also because Mork is a stay at home father. Mearth has inherited his father's sense of the absurd, and with Mork's childlike sense of enjoyment, the two of them indulge in frequent flights of fantasy that often make it feel as if Mindy has two children rather than one. As his son developed quickly mentally however, Mork has struggled (both in his own mind and in reality) with keeping his son's respect (My Dad Can't Beat Up Anybody) especially with Mindy being the breadwinner and involved in a more exciting career outside the home. Because he is also is hybrid's son chief playmate (even after Mearth discovers his half Orkan antecedence) Mork also struggles between being a friend and a parent to his son, having trouble with consistency in how he raises him (Rich Mork, Poor Mork / Pajama Game II). This is not made easier by Mearth's rapid development which sometimes has him acting more like a grumpy teenager than a toddler, overtly criticizing his father when things don't go right.

Exidor.- Though by adoption only, Exidor is technically family to Mork, becoming his adoptive father (Little Orphan Morkie). Outside of Mindy obviously, Exidor is Mork's first and best friend, and the only other person outside of the McConnell family, who knows the truth about what Mork is and where he is from. The fact that he is bat crap crazy making telling him no risk as no one believes the manic street preacher's ravings anyway.

MRA 16.jpg

Mork's tolerance for Exidor's craziness, invisible entourage, and wild swinging moods and focus is far higher than anyone else's, most likely because he himself is extreme and often regarded as crazy by other people. However, most other people (especially Mindy) put up with Exidor only for Mork's sake. Exidor is however always generous with both his time and assets with Mork, even if his generosity can turn out to be a double edged sword (Skyflakes Keep Falling on My Head), useless (Mork's Best Friend / Mork in Wonderland, Part 1) or head scratching (Gunfight at the Mork-Kay Corral). Exidor's willingness to go to bat for Mork is consistent however, putting him up at his squatted 'girlfriend's' apartment and threatening to put a curse on Mindy when he erroneously thinks she's thrown Mork out (Mork Gets Mindy-itis), putting himself through the nightmarish prospect of being 'normal' to succeed in adopting Mork, and he places value on Mork's opinion and help, seeking both with his romance with Ambrosia Malspar (The Exidor Affair), as well as with his mother Princess Lusitania when she emerges as a blockage to their marriage (Exidor's Wedding). With Mork ultimately acting as Exidor's Best Man at his wedding, and Exidor reciprocating in Mork's wedding to Mindy (The Wedding). Despite being unable to go to a regular doctor, Mork, still puts great store on Exidor's 'abilities' and 'wisdom' calling him in for medical advice both for himself (Mork in Wonderland, Part 1 / Three the Hard Way / Mama Mork, Papa Mindy ) and his pets (Mork's Best Friend). Exidor's behavior is so un-Earthlike that he is the one thing that Mork does remember when Orson wipes Mork's mind of almost all his knowledge of the planet. Despite Mindy's never being glad to see him, her recognition of the friendship between the two is highlighted when she gathers Exidor as part of the group to help break Mork's amnesia (I Don't Remember Mama), even if she does end up throwing him out, again.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Mork leaves an impression on everyone he meets. His closest friends are

Mr. Bickley - Bar Exidor, Mork's tolerant nature is demonstrated at its earliest with downstairs neighbor, Franklin Bickley. After the curmudgeonly, misanthrope moved into the apartment below her, he quickly and royally annoyed Mindy with his insistence on the noise coming from her apartment (especially with her bedroom being a part of his ceiling), and not responding to any pleasant attempts to resolve the issue. Mork's insistence that the greater the grouch, the greater the tolerance that must be applied, at least opens doors (even if they are barged through) and allow for a beginning of conversation, which opens the chinks in Bickley's armor. Over time, as Mindy too becomes more tolerant seeing there's more to the man that grouch, Bickley responds to overtures of friendship and starts hanging out with them more often, even purloining items to bring them more into contact (In Mork We Trust) gradually becoming a kind of boozy, grumpy Uncle to the pair. Bickley despite his liking for the pair, remains reasonably sure that Mork is a little lacking above the neck, partially because he's occasionally exposed to Morks misunderstanding/lack of knowledge about Earth behaviours (Mork in Wonderland, Part 1) Orkan events like Mork being summoned by Orson (There's a New Mork in Town).

Jeanie DaVinci - Much like Cora, due to his good intentions, Jeanie experiences a quasi one-sided romance with Mork for a short time. This occurs after he tries to please Mindy who, because she is acting as agony aunt for a local paper has discovered, and is concerned for, her friend's sense of loneliness. Thinking he is helping Mindy out, he secretly squires Jeanie, taking her out, going to dinner with her, without realizing that she is starting to see him differently and beginning to think of him as more than a friend. Thankfully on discovering the truth, rather than souring her relationship with Mork, she takes the misunderstanding as a (embarrassing but) good wake up call to who she can be, finding that she liked who she was when she was with Mork, more outgoing and confident, and intent on taking that forward with her, and taking a few more risk rather than allowing herself to be lonely (Jeanie Loves Mork). That aside, Jeanie and Mork are good friends, with Jeanie being patient with his odd behaviors, finding much of what he does funny, and acting as a source of good advice (especially around medical matters) while also tempering some of her brother's influence on him.

Remo DaVinci - Outside of Exidor, Remo is probably Mork's best friend. He and Mork hit it off early with Mork, in part because he thinks Mork is part Italian Stark Raving Mork). Remo (for good or ill) often takes on a role of advisor to Mork, specifically in regards to women, and though he is a supporter of Mork's romancing Mindy (Mork's Baby Blues), he's quick to help his friend out in regards to other women (though not his sister) especially when he thinks Mindy may be stepping out on him/its needed (Mork, the Swinging Single). While Mork tends to pick up cues from Remo when he's around, getting louder/more macho, he doesn't slavishly follow his ideas, disagreeing vehemently with Remo's treatment of pregnant singer Ruby (Mork and Mindy Meet Rick and Ruby)

Nelson Flavor - Mork's relationship with Nelson is tinged with gentle mockery, stemming from Mindy's description of her uber straight cousin, his political ambitions and his intense 'whiteness'/blondness, resulting in a stream of albino jokes. After working for him for a short while, both officially and unofficially, as part of Nelson's campaign for office, Mork teases Nelsons platform or lack of it, throughout. Nelson is good natured enough to mostly let that go, even when Mork unintentionally wrecks a fund raiser he is having at Mindys (Mork Gets Mindy-itis) and both Mork & Mindy go to bat for Nelson when his life is threatened after he finally takes a stand on something (Dial 'N' for Nelson). Indeed Nelson is the only other person, outside of Fred & Cora that both Mork & Mindy have confessed the truth about Mork to. He just didn't happen to believe either one of them, thinking Mindy was having a stress breakdown (Mork vs. The Necrotons, Part 1) and Mork was pulling his leg (Mork vs. The Necrotons, Part 2). Once Nelson gives up his political ambitions, his and Mork's relationship slides into friendship, especially when Nelson starts dating Glenda Faye and they Mindy and he become a kind of 'foursome' going on trips, and an easy kind of banter developing between the two men.

Glenda Faye - Mork & Glenda Faye have possibly the most playful relationship among their friends, with Glenda delighted by Mork's antics and treating him like an overgrown puppy, with a series of pet names for him, which he responds to happily. However, light hearted as she is around him, she is also aware when he is out of his depth (Mork, the Swinging Single) and protectively takes him under her wing, even setting him up with TNT to help him feel more at ease among her 'set'. In addition, she's well aware of how special his relationship with Mindy is, even when Mindy may be blinded to it by temporary anger, Glenda being the one to urge her realize that losing Mork would leave a bigger hole in her life then the one he's just created in her floor (Mork the Prankster). Conversely, when Glenda is reflecting on how, in the wake of the loss of her husband, Randolph, she stopped dancing, something she always loved to do since childhood, it is Mork who coaxes her to dance with him Reigniting that part of her life (Reflections and Regrets).

Todd Norman Taylor (TNT) - Veers between outright sleazy (talking about using driving lessons to hit on teen girls Drive, She Said) to comically ineffective (Mork the Prankster), and his relationship with Mork is mostly based around cringeworthy attempts to be 'cool' and pick up women. Ironically, however, three of his interactions with Mork and Mindy result in Mork making progress both in his own personal development and with Mindy, making him one of Mork's most important/pivotal friends. Todd's first encounter with Mork, Mork's Mixed Emotions) though they don't know each other yet, bolsters Mork's decision to try and lock away his emotions, which in turn ultimately sees them and him integrated as an emotionally 'whole' being. When Mindy encounters Todd a year or two later at Glenda's apartment complex, it is his (hilariously awful) attempts to hit on her, that help make her realize what and who she has in Mork, helping to reignite the romantic aspects of their relationship. Later, when Mork is finally formally introduced to TNT, the swinger takes the out of place Orkan under his wing, and transforms him into a variation of himself, which among their swingers group, and the ladies in it, makes Mork very popular indeed...reminding Mindy that she is not the only one who can be attractive to others, and to value what they have.

Nemesis[edit | edit source]

Kalnik - Without a doubt, Kalnik is Mork's mortal enemy, and through no fault of the Orkans bar his existence. A disillusioned Observer to Earth from Neptune, Kalnik is Mork's counterpart on Earth, and Mork the only one capable of stopping his continuing plans to slowly and insidiously start controlling things on Earth. When his derogatory attitude towards the 'half breed' Mearth is overheard by Mindy, it put pays to Kalnik's plan to recruit Mork into aiding him in his plan, Kalnik thinking he can control him. With that no longer a possibility, Kalnik turns his mind to simply removing the Orkan and his family from his path. Deploying the android, Tracy that is posing as his wife, to seduce Mork in order to find out what Mork's 'true' mission on Earth is, the plan fails when Mork's plan is no more than it seems and he resists the seduction/Mindy walks in on them. Revealed as an android when a furious Mindy damages her, the droid then attempts to assassinate Mork but fails in that too. Though it does send the family on the run. Portraying Mork as the 'alien threat' to Earth that he himself is, Kalnik sends the agents from the government agency he has infiltrated after Mork with the intent of killing him, and also pursues them himself, disguising himself as Fred McConnell in locating them, almost succeeding in killing Mork, before he is inadvertently frozen by Mindy using compressed carbon monoxide. With Kalnik's agents still in pursuit of him however, and Mindy refusing to leave him alone, Mork is left with only one choice to protect his family, and goes public about who he is. But that causes a whole new set of problems, and just infuriates Kalnik further when he de-frosts to find his plans subverted by Mork's admittance. Vowing vengeance and death, he tracks Mork and Mindy to their wrecked apartment after Mork flees from the pressure of a public life, and though they escape through time, he pursues them still.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Mork was played by Robin Williams. When the character first appeared on an episode of the TV series "Happy Days", producer Garry Marshall wanted an immediate spin-off show starring Williams. It was a smash hit, sky-rocketing Williams' career into superstardom. Williams performed in nightclubs all over during the filming for the series, in which audiences would beg him to do "Mork" and he would respond: "Mork's not here!!" The character was very popular and gave Williams a chance to break into film.

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