Mindy McConnell played by Pam Dawber, is Mork's roommate on Mork and Mindy, who becomes his girlfriend (2nd Season), and, later, in the fourth season, wife. She lives at 1619 Pine Street in Boulder, Colorado.

Personality Edit

Mindy is very sweet, but gets a little nervous sometimes. She is very intelligent and teaches Mork almost everything she knows.

Romance with Mork Edit

When Mork first lands on Earth, he puts on a business suit backwards, and Mindy mistakes him for a priest. She walks home with him; there, she notices that he has his suit on backwards. Mork introduces himself as Mork from Ork. He says Ork is a planet. Although at first skeptical, she sees Mork's flying egg. This confirms that he's from outer space. He says that he has to study culture on Earth. Mindy promises to help him along.

When Mork runs away, Mindy panics and says that she doesn't want him to go. She gives Mork a hug when she finds him.

Once when they go away on vacation, they visit Exidor's summer cabin. It turns out to be a total wreck. Just when they're about to freeze to death, Mork tells Mindy that he has feelings for her. However, to their surprise, Exidor comes in the nick of time with his "friends."

On Mr. Bickley's 50th birthday, he finds out that he really is fifty years old. To cheer him up, the cast of the third season tell each other their regrets about the past. Mindy can't tell everyone her regret, saying it's very personal. When everyone leaves, she says that her regret is that her mother died before she could meet Mork. Mork says he knows what he would've said to her. He opens the door and pretends to talk to her mother. When he says bye, the door closes by itself, implying that Mindy's mother was really there. Mork says her mother told him to give him something: a kiss. He then says "I love you, Mindy." Mindy then says "I love you too, Mork." Finally in the fourth season, she marries Mork and they have a son.

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