Mearth McConnell, played by Jonathan Winters, is the son of Mork and Mindy.

About MearthEdit


Mork was unknowingly pregnant and was feeling the symptoms of female pregnancy. A normal-sized egg soon popped out of his navel and, excited to tell Mindy about it, made it impossibly easy to see. After a while, the egg began to grow and expand until it was the size of a doorway until, finally, the egg cracked open and a middle-aged man emerged.

Episode appearancesEdit

  1. "Three the Hard Way"
  2. "Mama Mork, Papa Mindy"
  3. "My Dad Can't Beat Up Anybody"
  4. "Long Before We Met"
  5. "Rich Mork, Poor Mork"
  6. "Alienation"
  7. "P.S. 2001"
  8. "Pajama Game II"
  9. "Metamorphosis, the TV Show"
  10. "Drive, She Said"
  11. "I Don't Remember Mama"
  12. "Mork, Mindy, and Mearth Meet MILT"
  13. "Midas Mork"
  14. "Cheerleader in Chains"
  15. "Gotta Run, Part 1"
  16. "Gotta Run, Part 2"
  17. "Gotta Run, Part 3"
  18. "The Mork Report" (Series finale)