Mearth McConnell, is the son of Mork and Mindy, born to them after only a month of marriage (with no pre-marital interaction involved!), emerging from a huge egg as a full grown late middle aged man, played by comedy legend Jonathan Winters.

About Mearth[edit | edit source]

Conception[edit | edit source]

The fundamentals of how Mearth came to be conceived is, pretty much, the same as usual, as Mork's acceptance of Mindy's 'Reader's Digest' version of their bedroom antics indicates (Three the Hard Way). However, how Mork came to be the one impregnated remains a mystery.

Theories[edit | edit source]

Theories (of the fan variety) have posited that Mork has hermaphroditic internal organs allowing him to both impregnate and conceive with a partner. Though this alone doesn't allow for how Mindy could have impregnated *him*. Another, more physically plausible theory is that Mork absorbed the fertilized egg from Mindy into his body and carried it to term.

Birth[edit | edit source]

To say that Mork came as a shock to his parents (especially Mindy) would be an understatement.

After a blissful month as newlyweds, Mork, suddenly feeling nauseous, achy, off color, and hiding it from Mindy, with no regular doctor to turn to, calls on Exidor. Running through the symptoms, 'Dr Exidor' suggests a couple of diagnoses that fit with his symptoms, including jokingly, pregnancy. But even Exidor scoffs derisively when Mork seizes on that.

Mork points out however, that when he and Mindy started 'mating' it was the first time and Orkan and Earthling had gotten intimate, and all bets were off as to what might happen. Clearly what occurred was not a 'typical' event for Orkans, as Mork was evidently as much in the dark about the outcome as Mindy, winging it based on primal instinct as much as anything.

On suspecting he was pregnant, very soon after (almost immediately) he started exhibiting labor pains, of a duration any human female would envy. Lasting 20 seconds at most, before a chicken sized egg popped out of his stomach forming a navel in the process. An overjoyed Mork, who had always wanted to be a parent (Yes Sir, That's my Baby), was faced with a dilemma however in breaking the news to his bride, for whom, having children was, and remained, something she had always had trepidations around (A Mommy for Morky / The Honeymoon). When he tries to broach the subject, that is re-confirmed. Children, for Mindy, are for down the road, they are only starting out together and are not financially set up. Mork tries to find other parents for their child (*The Hammond Family), but in the end tries a number of tales around an 'egg' being left on their doorstep, before finally telling her the truth.

At this point his newly developed navel would become key in his convincing his disbelieving wife that the was not just making this up. Reminded her he was a test tube baby without one. Understandably stunned, Mindy tries to figure out how *she* ended up impregnating *him*, before suddenly, and also understandably feeling a sense of loss of expectation around, when it did happen, she being the one to carry their child. Not that there's time to think much on it, as the growth of their new child is unexpectedly rapid.

Within less than 24 hours, to Mindy's shock, the Egg is big enough for Mork to perch on and nest on, and almost too big to get it through the door of their bedroom, where it grows again. Eventually, the egg hatched and a man in his late middle years emerged, since Orkans age backwards.

The hybrid nature of their child, and differing aging/developing rates of Orkans and Earthlings, probably goes someway to explain the rapid nature of the egg's development rate.

Arrival[edit | edit source]

Having discussed various possible names for their child prior to the hatching, dependent on it being a she, he or pterodactyl, after their son arrives Mork suggests to Mindy a combination of their names. Mork, Mindy and Earth...Mearth. Commenting that it is unusual, but then so is their son, Mindy likes it, and Mearth McConnell he becomes.

Mindy's reaction to the swiftness and strangeness of the development is further exacerbated when Mearth's rapid development means he starts talking after little more than a day, and while he knows his own name, and calls Mork 'Mommy' she is merely 'Shoe'. After he tosses her out of their bed to cuddle with Mork, Mindy retreats to the living room, and then from the family grouping, feeling an outsider. When this is pointed out to Mork by Fred, he takes steps to bring 'Father' and Son closer together, the result of which is a newly bonded family where Mork is now Daddy and Mindy, Mommy (Mama Mork, Papa Mindy)

The parents next difficulty is in Mearth's very existence. Unable to tell anyone bar Fred and Cora about the truth of who he is, to keep his alien-ness and Mork's a secret, they have to retreat from their social life, Mork now a full time stay at home father. Mearth's rapid mental development, to that of a 6 year old within a couple of months, and his awareness of his difference in relation to other 'children', makes it difficult to keep his true origins, and his father's from him. Eventually his dejection over not fitting in prompts his parents to tell him the truth (Alienation)

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Episode appearances[edit | edit source]

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