Hamilton J. DuPont XXV is Mork and Mindy's snobby antagonist in The Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz Hour.

Character summary Edit

Hamilton attends Mt. Mount High School with Mork and Mindy. Wealthy and pretentious (introducing himself as Hamilton J. DuPont the 25th), he's amorous for Mindy and jealous of Mork, looking for any and every excuse to expose and humiliate the Orkan for being different, but never really seems to get the idea that Mork is actually an extraterrestrial. He regards Doing as merely some sort of weird dog.

Vain, self absorbed, snotty and egotistical. He speaks with a posh WASPish accent. He will never pass off a chance to tell people how rich he is, expecting it to impress people, with the effect that it turns people off to him, which he never seems to get. He tends to serve as an antagonist and source of character friction. He's not afraid to use underhanded and dirty tactics, a trait he's shown to have inherited from his father. But he always ends up being put in his place and made to look foolish by the end of the episode.

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