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Arthur Fonzarelli, or Fonzie or The Fonz for short, is a character from the ABC-TV series Happy Days, Mork & Mindy's parent series, who had three encounters with Mork, in two episodes of  Happy Days, along with best friend Richie Cunningham, and in one, the Mork & Mindy pilot "The Mork & Mindy Special" with mutual friend Laverne DeFazio. The part of Fonzie was played by Henry Winkler for the full 11 season run of Happy Days.

About "The Fonz"[]

Fonzie is also the only one who can hit the jukebox at Arnold's and make it work. He has a verbal tic around the word "wrong", sometimes he can say it, but other times, he just makes noises. He does not want anything bad to happen to his hair.

On Happy Days, Fonzie reluctantly agreed to become part owner of Arnold's Drive-In in Season 7 of the series (in the episode "The New Arnold's", #18), (in the episode "Hot Stuff", #17) with then sole owner Al Delvecchio (played by Al Molinaro) after it was rebuilt, this after it burned down after cousin Chachi Arcola (played by Scott Baio), who was working in the kitchen, accidentally left the kitchen grill on and throwing his apron on the grill when he left, which caused Arnold's to go up in flames.

Fonzie eventually sold his interest back to Al, who became partners with the restaurant's original owner, Arnold Takahasi (played on Happy Days by Pat Morita in Seasons 1-3 and 10 & 11) in Season 10 before selling his interest in it to Arnold in Season 11.

During Happy Days's network run, Fonzie, a highly skilled mechanic, wound up purchasing and becoming the owner of Bronko's Garage, the auto repair garage where he worked as a mechanic. He also became shop teacher in Jefferson High School season in Seasons 8-10 of the series and a Guidance Counselor and Dean of Boys of George S. Patton Vocational High School in Season 11.