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Exidor is a lunatic street preacher, the leader of the 'Friends of Venus' who Mork first encounters after he has left Mindy's (Mork Runs Away) and is in search of a new place to live. Due to his insanity, Exidor is one of the very few people who know Mork's secret, meaning that he is one of the people Mork (often unadvisedly) turns to for help and advice, meaning the two become very close, if odd, friends. He appears in 21 episodes across all 4 Seasons and is played by Robert Donner.

Character Summary[]

Exidor is without doubt, insane. Parted from his mother (and a sister who is mentioned later Gotta Run, Part 1 ) at a very young age, Exidor was brought up in an orphanage. How he came to be as he is, is something of a mystery as he claims both to have been a Medical Doctor in his past (Skyflakes Keep Falling on My Head / Mork Gets Mindy-itis) and appears to hold a PhD (Little Orphan Morkie). The likelihood is that he was at one point a fully functioning, possibly even genius level (if he holds both MDs & Ph.Ds) member of society who either underwent a breakdown of some sort, or, given the appearance of his equally insane mother, Princess Lusitania (Exidor's Wedding) there may have been some hereditary mental illness at work.

Whatever the case, when first seen (Mork Runs Away) he is operating as a street preacher, declaring himself a prophet, and wearing flowing white prophet robes with a blue sash .He is also the leader of a cult called "The Friends of Venus," of which he was the only 'tangible' member. The other members of the cult are a part of Exidor's invisible "Entourage" who, along with his trusty invisible Burro, follow him everywhere. At first excited to have Mork as a member, he soon angrily scratches the Orkan's name out when Mork tells him the truth that the Venusians are not coming to take anyone away or destroy the Earth, due to not having created anything more technically advanced than a garbage can.

Exidor expounding on one of his many "eccentric" observations

When Mork's predictions about the Venusians (unsurprisingly) prove to be true, Mork encounters Exidor again, in jail, after both men have been arrested. Exidor now in the midst of his actual (as opposed to hero) worship of O.J. Simpson (obviously before later events) (Mork the Gullible). Exidor's subsequent schemes/ideas/pathways include taking over the world by becoming the greatest rock star whoever lived (Skyflakes Keep Falling on My Head), discovering he is the reincarnation of Julius Caesar and is capable of progressing the reincarnation of other creatures; Voodoo when trying (sorta) to restore Mork to his regular size (Mork in Wonderland, Part 1), Treasure hunting with a blank map Gunfight at the Mork-Kay Corral), End of the world predictions based on flying crockery (Alas, Poor Mork, We Knew Him Well), Autobiography writing, using Lauren Bacalls biography (I Heard It Through the Morkvine), Door to door salesman of kitchen labor saving devices (Mindy and Mork), Declarations of hidden love (Reflections and Regrets), Returning Golf to the 'streets' (Limited Engagement), Obstetrician/Pediatrician (Three the Hard Way / Mama Mork, Papa Mindy), Design / Boutique Entrepreneur (Rich Mork, Poor Mork) and Amnesia 'expert' (I Don't Remember Mama).

Exidor appears to be something of a squatter, moving from place to place, initially down on skid row, he turns up on at least two separate occasions in homes not his own: once at a very nice apartment with his imaginary girlfriend and her sister (Mork Gets Mindy-itis), and again when he "vacations" in Mindy's family home where he apparently believes there is a beach in the closet (A Morkville Horror). On the latter occasion it appears as if Exidor's insanity, much like Mork's alien-ness gives him an awareness of things others cant see, in this case the 2 ghosts of Mindy's long dead ancestors, who have possessed Mork, and who end up going on a double date with Exidor to the 'beach'.


Exidor is insane, and subject to wild mood swings. Often grumpy and grouchy with those around him, he can also be generous and charming. Dashing and romantic, then acerbic and sexist. However, he rarely leaves anyone who needs help (especially Mork) without attemping to assist, no matter how he feels on the matter, and he never takes anything personally (or maybe doesn't remember it).



Princess Lusitania - (maiden name Blumensnitzpittle) Exidor's mother, she lost him while they were on the way towards Denver, and told him he could out of the car to play. Getting out of the car a half hour later she forgot she was travelling at 70 mph at that point, and ended up being nursed back to health by a Native American tribe, with whom she stayed, while the displaced Exidor ended up in an orphanage. 35 years later a determined Mork tracks her down, on the eve of Exidor's wedding to Ambrosia Malspar and brings her the apartment to reunite Mother and Son. Both of whom are as crazy as the other. Newly reunited with her son, Lusitania has no intention of handing over her son to another woman just after getting him back, and drawing out a heavy chain, chains herself to Mindy's counter post, refusing to leave the apartment until Exidor calls off the wedding.

Ambrosia Malspar - Girlfriend and then Wife,. Ambrosia, is a meter maid, who meets Exidor when he's lying down on the kerb 'under his burro' and she marks his waders . Struck by his dashing and 'romantic nature, to the bewilderment of Mork and especially Mindy, this nice regular, sweet normal lady becomes Exidor's girlfriend (and later wife) of Exidor. It appears she left Exidor during season 3 after he said his "wife left him", but details were never given. It was likely she was unable to continue living with Exidor's mentality or she could no longer stand the presence of his annoying and intrusive imaginary friends, including Pepe or both.

Mork - Is Exidor's adopted son, best friend, and possibly his only tangible friend. Meeting Exidor very early on when he was still getting a sense of what humans were like, most likely left Mork more open to Exidor's behaviors. No doubt Mork's own idiosyncrasies, and sense of being an outsider, also give him more tolerance for Exidor's excesses, and likewise Exidor's for his. Two outsiders together, they back each other up, often to the exasperation of others. But when called on, Exidor turns up for Mork repeatedly, when he's shrinking, pretending to be 'normal' to adopt him, when he's ill/pregnant, when he has amnesia. Likewise Mork stands for Exidor, humoring him in regards to his requests, helping him out with his relationship issues with Ambrosia, finding his long lost Mother for him, standing as his best man, and asking him to be his. His calling on him as a shrink/doctor may be be as much to do with the fact that Mork can't actually go to a real doctor without revealing himself but there is no doubt Mork values Exidor's opinion from everything from medical situations, to vacations, to love.

Exidor's Sister - Never seen, but mentioned in Gotta Run, Part 1 when Mindy reminds Mork that she already said no to going to the Salvation Army Luau with Exidor and his sister.

Friendships (Sorta)[]

Mindy - For Mindy, Exidor would be better regarded as a Nemesis, as he invariably turns up unwanted (by her) at her appointment, dragging Mork into some bizarre scenario, which he doesn't really need any help with. For her, he is just out and out crazy and she has tossed him out of her house on at least three occasions. For Exidor however 'Perky' moves along a wide spectrum of reactions, most frequently they argue, however sometimes she is the Cleopatra to his Julius Caesar...sometimes he subjects her to insulting sexism in dismissing what she's saying, but considering it genius when Mork says the exact same things...and at yet other times, declaring undying love and wanting to have her baby (an ironic declaration given subsequent events). Her turning him down (read: run away in a panic) may contribute, along with his own failed marriage, to Exidor's advice to Mork to dump Mindy rather than propose, and his hope that Mork's 'next wedding' is casual.

Entourage (Named)[]


  • Exidor: "MORK! Is that you?"


  • Mindy: Exidor is your friend, Mork. Ya know, quite a few people think he's a little strange.
    Exidor: I've heard those ugly rumors and they're grossly exaggerated! Do you have any chinchilla dip?


  • Exidor: Mork, do you have any idea how old I am? WRONG! Next Wednesday afternoon, I'll be twelve years old.
    Mork: Whoa, you're awfully mature for your age.
    Exidor: Guilt without sex! That's the key!


  • Exidor: I'm too old to stand on street corners preaching! I've got to settle down! Get a straight, conventional job.
    Mork: What do you think you'd like to be?
    Exidor: Emperor of the Earth!


  • Exidor: Oh, did I tell you? The museum wants to do me in wax. They say it stops hurting after it cools off.


  • Exidor: I had high hopes for you, Mork, but you're crazy!