Cora Hudson is Mindy McConnell's grandmother and Fred McConnell's mother-in-law. Her daughter, Elizabeth McConnell, has passed away. She works at McConnell's Music Store as a music teacher. Cora is played on Mork and Mindy by Elizabeth Kerr. She was born on August 15, 1912,

Character summary[edit | edit source]

Cora is spunky and free-spirited. She likes to give her uptight son-in-law Fred some grief, often referring to him as a "wiener."

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cora is often telling people to "lighten up" and take a less serious attitude toward life. She tends to eschew the stereotypical senior citizen behavious. In the opening she is shown to enjoy playing a modern guitar. However, on occasion she gets the blues, particularly when close friends pass away, and in the episode Old Muggable Mork she becomes very distressed when she is attacked by muggers.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Mindy McConnell - The only child of her late daughter Elizabeth, and having helped raise her after her mother's untimely death, Cora adores her granddaughter Mindy and vice versa. Cora is always Mindy's chief advocate for a freer life away from the rather prudish strictures of her father, Fred. Like Fred however, Cora's prime concern for Mindy is what makes her happy, only speaking up when she seriously feels her actions or decisions may lead her into future difficulties.

Fred McConnell - Her relationship with her son-in-law Fred, who married her late daughter, Elizabeth, is more of a love/hate type. Having lived with and helped Fred raise Mindy after her daughter/his wife died, both are united on only one thing, Mindy's well-being. However both have diametrically opposed opinions in regards to how she should achieve that, and on almost everything else from how to live life and especially music. They spark and bicker constantly, but deep down both love and respect one another greatly, and as Mindy tells Mork (Mork In Love) they actively need one another.

Mork - On first meeting her future grandson-in-law, she finds Mork eccentric but soon learns to accept his oddities, and regards him as a breath of fresh air, who brightens up her day. It is a testament to Cora's sharpness that she figures out Mork's unearthly nature herself in Old Fears rather than having to be told. Cora is in general, is always very positive about the relationship between Mork and her granddaughter, caring more about the fact he makes Mindy happy than the fact she is living with an Orkan. This is tempered somewhat however when things get more serious between them, as exhibited in Limited Engagement, when for the first time she sides with Fred, and voices her concerns for Mindy after Mork proposes to her. However, once Mindy has made her mind up that is what she wants, Cora supports them to the hilt, and once she sees how happy they are together, is back in their corner supporting her Grandson-in-law and 'the kids' whenever Fred starts to rear up again.

Mearth McConnell - As one of the very few people who actively know who and what Mearth is. Cora is very close to her Great-Grandson, is his main babysitter, and actively spoils him like grandparents are often known to do.

Eunice - Cora's 73 year old sister. Who required a nose job. (The Mork Report)

Other Family: Cora has at least two sisters. One who she went to live with in Boston for a time (Old Muggable Mork) and another closer by to Boulder (The Mork Report). Mindy & Nelson share a grandmother, and though it is not explicitly said and they never had a scene together, it is likely that Nelson is also Cora's grandson, and that his mother is Cora's other daughter (and has married wealthily). This is made all the more likely as Fred only has a brother, Dave McConnell so if Nelson was Mindy's cousin on her father's side, he would be Nelson McConnell.

Romance with "Bill Hohner"[edit | edit source]

In the Season 1 episode Old Fears, Cora is feeling the blues because yet another of her friends has died. In an attempt to cheer her up, Mork uses his Orkan aging machine to disguise himself as an octogenarian and strikes up a romance with Cora under the assumed name "Bill Hohner." Eventually he breaks the news to her about who he really is, and Cora admits that she knew it was Mork all along. Mork also admits his secret to Cora -- that he is an alien -- given how he's changed himself, she is unsurprised.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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