Arnold Wanker is the McConnell's Music Store's tyrannical landlord and Fred's former classmate whom Mork brought back from the dead in Season 1's To Tell The Truth

Character History[edit | edit source]

Wanker appears to be in his early 60s, 5 years old when Cora was a late teenager and babysitting, and an older student when Fred was still playing Little League.

The lease holder on the Music Store, even though there's 2 years to go on it he is intent on getting Fred out, by getting him to break the lease, utilizing noise, disruption and turning off the heat. Arriving at the store, in the midst of trying to get the McConnell's out, yelling at his wife waiting in the car waiting to take him to a foreclosure, and yelling at an agent of his to evict a 90 year old man from his home, Mindy loses all restraint with him, and starts yelling at him, while he's on the phone what she really thinks of him.

When she taps him on the back to make sure he's hearing what she's saying to him, she and Fred leap back as Wanker collapses behind the store counter, dead. When Mork arrives into the store later its to find the McConnell's trying to console his wife, Annie, a decent woman who they don't want to badmouth her husband in front of. So they sugar coat everything, but too much, Mork being left with the idea that Wanker is some kind of paragon and a close friend. When Cora takes Annie home, Mork goes back to see Arnold for himself, and a short time later returns with a smile on his face.

Followed a few moments later to the utter shock of Mindy & Fred, by a resurrected Wanker. Mork having found the perfect conditions to 'jump start' him, something he's only managed once before. When Wanker comes too however, he has no memory of what has occurred, and even when he's prompted to realize that the last thing he remembers is his life flashing before his eyes, he calls them all crazy for suggesting he died, and thinks its a trick to get him to stop his plan for them to break their lease. Storming out of the shop however, he forgets about the works he had set in front of the store, and promptly falls into the 10 foot hole outside, breaking both legs, and his collar bone, and leaving him in traction for months.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He has always, judging by the older McConnell's stories, been a devious, money hungry, unscrupulous and un-caring individual. Starting from 5 years old when he blackmailed Cora out of of all her babysitting money after catching her doing something a lot worse than necking on the couch (which would have only cost her half her babysitting money). He filled kids up with free lemonade only to rip them off of 2 weeks allowances to let them used the only bathroom near the baseball field. Overcharged his fraternity brothers for beer for their kegger parties, and on into his business life, callously evicting senior citizens, and intent of forcing people like the McConnell to break their leases via underhand means. Not to mention his casual beration of his wife.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Annie Wanker - Long suffering wife, whose only fault it seems (according to Fred) was in marrying an idiot.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Not very likely

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The character's name was intentionally concocted by the writers, who frequently tried to sneak things past the ABC censors. "Wanker" is a British slang, meaning a man who frequently masturbates, which has become a very common insult. For early UK airings, the episode was censored whenever Wanker's last name was uttered.
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