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"A Mommy for Morky"
Season 1, Episode #10
(#10) in series (95 episodes)
Mork and Mindy 1x10 - A Mommy for Morky
Using his Orkan age machine, Mork reverts to childhood, as a three year old in "A Mommy for Morky" in Season 1 (ep.#10).
"Mork & Mindy" episode
Guest Star(s): Barry Van Dyke
Susan Lawrence
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 110 (1-10)
Writer(s) Tom Tenowich
Director Howard Storm
Original airdate November 16, 1978
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A Mommy for Morky was the Mork and Mindy episode from Season 1, also the 10th overall aired in the series. Written by Tom Tenowich, the episode, directed by Howard Storm, made its initial airing on ABC-TV on November 16, 1978.


Mindy reconnects with an ex boyfriend who's intent on marriage. Meanwhile Mork uses his age machine to revert to childhood.

Plot summary Edit

When Mindy is reunited with her ex-fiance, Dan, she wonders what it would be like to raise a family, while Mork wonders what it would have been like to have had a mother. Mork kills two birds with one stone by using his Orkan Age Machine to regress himself to 3 years old.

A Mommy for Morky Pam Dawber Robin Williams Susan Lawrence

Mork reverting to a "second childhood"


  • It was not established that Orkans age backwards until Season 3.
  • A clip of Mork putting on his fireman's helmet was used in the show's opening credits sequence.
  • A still from this episode appears in The Mork Book of Orkian Fun.


  • Mindy: You must've fallen asleep while watching TV.
  • Mork: If I was asleep, then the TV was watching me.

  • Mork: A toast.
  • Mindy: To motherhood?
  • Mork: To chickens with lips.

  • Mork: On Earth, babies aren't grown in test tubes, they're grown in something wonderful called a mother.
  • Orson: That's the old fashioned way, Mork. 80 bleems ago a few of us did it up here too, as part of a nostalgia craze.
  • Mork: Sometimes I think the old ways are the best way, Orson.

  • Mork: Orson, when you were a baby, don't you remember being held and cuddled, taken for walks?
  • Orson: ManaVac-26 did that.
  • Mork: But on Earth a mother does it. And she does all sorts of other nice things for her children for her entire life. Oh, it's a warm and wonderful thing. *Orson: How much does she get paid?
  • Mork: Nothing.
  • Orson: Is it because her work is considered of no real value?
  • Mork: No, because it's considered priceless.

  • Mork: Orson, one more thing. Can you tell me a bedtime story?
  • Orson: I... don't know any.
  • Mork: Too bad. Goodnight, your immenseness.


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